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Vinyl Toys With Heart. And Livers. And Lungs. And More. Organ Donor Dolls.

Artist David Foox of Foox-U has created a toy concept that raises awareness for the need for Organ Donors. His fun little vinyl dolls with organs for heads were inspired by his Uncle Ken's double lung transplant.

in his own words:
"The ORGAN DONORS toy concept has brought together some very important considerations. Firstly, I wanted to make something that everyone could identify with and see something familiar in the ORGAN DONORS. Secondly, I wanted to raise awareness for this issue/cause. And thirdly, I wanted to create something quasi-interactive with regard to the blind box and availability of different characters in the ORGAN DONORS world."

The following images are from the artist's own blog.

ORGAN DONOR DOLLS by FOOX (in alphabetical order)

Blood Cells:








Stem cells:

There are 9 different organs and a total of 24 variants of the characters in the line, each is made of vinyl, measures 3.25" tall, costs $15.00 USD a piece and can be found at the following vinyl shops - Kidrobot, Munky King, Hi-5 or ordered here if in stock.

Some are more rare than others (Black Market Kidneys, Pickled Liver, etc) and all come wearing the vinyl hospital gown with the butt cheeks showing.
Sold individually as a blind box edition here.
(If you want a specific ORGAN please make a note of it in your order).

See all of Denver, Colorado Based artist David Foox's work at his site here.

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