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Ten Fun New Finds For The Home

laurasweet's recommendations at ThisNext

Ten fun items to add some design, humor and whimsy to your life or home. Clock wise from top left:

• Tord Boontje's bare bulb covers are flat packed and come in three different designs

• Gold Knuckles mug. Glazed mug in white red or black with 14k gold plated brass knuckles handle! Packs a punch.

• Building Blocks Candles (can't call them Legos- copyright and all).

• Stainless steel backgammon set by Yap

• Stainless steel skull doorbell

• Plush Sweet Meats (for you or your dog)

• The Moo lamp, glowing moose light faux trophy

• Flaming skull doorbell (you know... in case the plain skull doorbell just isn't enough)

• Sausage rugs (in 4 different cold cut designs)

• Filigree Skull Money Box in porcelain

Click on each photo above for more info and the place of purchase. And be sure to check out my over 3,200 hip items posted on here.

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