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All Artists On Deck! Okay, More Like 16 Artists On Deck Chairs

above: detail from Sorrentino's deck chair

Below are sixteen original deck chairs, created by 16 different artists for the International Vulcanology Music and Art Festival in Italy in 2006.

Each is a unique piece with canvas dimensions of 145 x 25 cm. The canvas chairs fold for storage and open easily, immediately ready for use. And each is available for purchase.

above top, Aldoberto Abbate; bottom, Erika Akire

above top, Andrea Buglisi; bottom, Darlo Arcidiacono

above top, Giordano Currieri; bottom, Massimo Caccia

above top, Fluvio diPiazza; bottom, Andrea diMarco

above top, Massimo Giacon; bottom, Natalie du Pasquier

above top, Nino Mustica; bottom Fluvia Mendini

above top, Sergigno Cartoons, Inc; bottom, Enzo Rovella

above top, Sandra Verlinzi; above bottom, Antonio Sorrentino

Each chair is hand-painted in acrylics on canvas, is available for 2,200 euro ($2,818.34 USD) and can be purchased at Italy's Design Design Online shop here.

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