Underwater Dwellings: H2Ome and The Poseidon Resort

U.S. Submarine Structures LLC is the company that is responsible for the design and construction of both the Poseidon Undersea Resort and now, the world's first one-atmosphere sea-floor residence, the H2OME.

The Poseidon Resort:
The Poseidon Resort, which is nestled in a 500 acre Fijian lagoon, is the world's first one-atmosphere sea floor resort. It's cantilevered over the sea floor in 40 feet of water. The resort has twenty-four 550 square foot luxury suites. The Poseidon features a 100 seat bar and restaurant (350 m2) and another 350 m2 unit with an undersea library, a Presidential Suite, two spa treatment rooms and a wedding chapel/conference room combination.

The undersea restaurant seats 100 and has panoramic viewing of the sea floor:

Lounge and common areas:

Bedroom suites:

A central shaft provides elevator and staircase access to the surface:

How it was assembled (details are proprietary)

Poseidon Undersea Resorts has been featured in over 500 magazines world-wide to date and over 50,000 people (25,000 couples) have signed up to be informed when they start taking reservations. There are only 8,000 guest spots available in the first year. To learn much more about this underwater resort visit the site here.

Copyright 2008-2009, U.S. Submarine Structures LLC. All rights reserved. Subject to the conditions of Poseidon’s secrecy agreement.

Now, the H2Ome.

The world’s first undersea residence has 3600 square feet of uncompromising elegance situated in 40 feet of crystal clear water surrounded by a magnificent coral reef, where the ever changing view is fascinating and absolutely unique.

Your H2OME is in Belize, in a protected private lagoon connected to land by your private pier. Floating above and accessed by elevator is a cluster of floating buildings, including a warm water outdoor spa, the central entrance lounge, docking space for a yacht and an enclosed building for your Triton submarine as well as space for a wide array of water toys.

Access to the underwater home is simplest from a pier that connects the shore to the residence’s access trunk by a ramp. The interior of the H2OME is then available by elevator, or by a circular stairway. Umbilicals for water, sewage, communications and electricity are connected to the pier and run to shore.

And, let’s not forget the floating helicopter landing pad:

This 3600 square foot, two-story structure takes incredible luxury and fabulous viewing to the sea-floor. The top floor layout is comprised of two bedrooms with baths and open lounge areas. The main floor consists of a master bedroom with integrated seating and a master bath. Also included is a gourmet kitchen with adjacent wine cellar, a formal dining area, a library lounge, a bar, private office space, a living room with flat screen television, a half bathroom and several discrete seating areas where one can enjoy the different views of the undersea world. The layout can be structured to the client’s requirements and the details here are only proposed for illustrative purposes.

Your H2OME even comes complete with push-button fish feeders so that you and your guests can feed the fish as well as underwater lights to light up the sea floor for a limited period of time each evening.


Dining room:

The layout:
The H2OME is installed cantilevered on piling just above the sea floor. The structure has two floors that are linked to each other and the surface by an elevator and a circular staircase.

aerial view of upper level:

detailed overhead of lower level:

Construction & Installation
Your H2OME is built by U.S. Submarine Structures in components at their yard. They also produce the acrylic panels to our specifications by post-processing thermoforming and annealing. They then transport all components to a floating drydock for assembly and testing. The interior is ordered from a supplier specializing in 5-star hotel interiors and superyacht interiors. This firm fits and assembles the interior components and then packs them in containers and ships the components to us where they do the installation.

The completed structure is floated off the drydock and is then picked up by a semi-submersible heavy lift ship which transports the H2OME to the site. Previously, piles have been driven into the sea floor and the H2OME is floated into place, keyed to the piles and then ballasted for a slow descent toward the sea floor where it is then bolted to the piling several inches above the sea bottom. The piling tops are cut off and the umbilical cables run to the access pier and connected. In this way, your undersea residence is available for your use only 48 hours after delivery.

Most of the engineering detail on the Poseidon Undersea Resort and the H2OME is proprietary to the company. The images used in this post are protected by copyright and cannot be used without written permission.

© copyright 2007-2009, by U.S. Submarine Structures L.L.C. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any means (including electronic storage and retrieval or translation into a foreign language) without prior agreement and express written consent from the author as governed by United States and international copyright laws.

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Anonymous said...

We fancy some experiences, that the earth is no longer able to afford...

geo said...

the stuff of wet dreams.

Lizabeth said...

oh, wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. That would be beautiful, but quite lonely to live there permanently.

itssogood said...

Did anyone watch Disney's Ocean Girl? This is totally it!

Anonymous said...

And what about the impact to the environment?

Kemi Hyde said...

I would love to have one of these for a vacation home. Actually, I could live there forever because it is so beautiful.

Rosie said...

This is so the future....!! So awesome!! Just to wake up and see those beautiful surroundings!! I can see my self there for a holiday definitely!! .... I just wouldn't like to live there forever because:
1. I like natural light
2. It may get a bit annoying having to walk up and down all those stairs!!!! But that's it!!!!:¬)And I don't even know if you can live there permanently........Anyways it's SO COOL!!

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If this things pulls through, it would be a ground breaking event! Err, ocean floor breaking, perhaps.
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I think this is way too futuristic, fictive and kind of ambitious. However, if this resort becomes a reality, there is no doubt that this will be wickedly popular.

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Johnson said...

This is a brilliant concept. Everyone needs to start thinking this way especially with the onset of global warming and coastal flooding becoming a reality. Instead of building giant floodgates that will be rendered obsolete by rising sea levels these types of structures need to be the norm. It always seems as if we dream of these fantastical ideas, yet the general public is afraid to embrace the future.

leather ipad folio said...

Fantastic! I agree with Johnson. It was reported that sea level increase every year and building such structure is a good answer rather than building mega seize floodgates. We need to embrace nature not to fight with it. This natural phenomenon can't be prevented.

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Bravo! It’s a superb information that you just provided, I wonder why I visited you late. Thanks I have bookmarked your blog

Anonymous said...

Its built on top of a coral reef and all you people are just dandy with that... Humans moving into one more place where we are definitely not welcome. Any idea where the sewage is drained too ?

Anonymous said...

Ambitious, but ultimately this might be one of the worst ideas i've ever seen. Practicality and common sense goes right out the window with this one... If anything were to ever crack in those things, the people staying in them wouldn't a chance! One incident and insurance would go through the roof and no one in their right mind would even think of staying in them again.

The Bull's Eye said...

This looks great on paper. But frankly -- and I'm not sure whether it's because the name has been used twice already -- this seems like a disaster movie waiting to happen.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.