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Slutty Barbies, Gangsta Baby Dolls And Serial Killer Action Figures

When I was a little girl, my choices for baby dolls included Mattel's Baby Tender Love, The Crissy Dolls (whose hair grew with a push of their belly button) or a Talking Mrs Beasley doll.
The kind of dolls that when stuffed into a stroller, didn't garner much attention from passers-by.

above: the innocent dolls of my youth

But things certainly have changed (as they should- to some degree) and the Gangsta Baby Dolls both thrill and repulse me simultaneously. I'm not going to go into a dissertation about the increase in violence, how MTV ruined the world, lol... or how kids are not what they used to be. You all know that already. But in this post, I just wanted to show you the available dolls on the market that reflect those changes in society and culture.

Now, if I saw one of these dolls in the arms of a toddler, I'd have to do a double take... but I may also have to ask where it was purchased. Luckily for you, I've added the link to buy these bizarre but fab Gansta babies by Mezco.

buy the Gangsta Babies Pookie Doll here.

buy the Gangsta Babies Big Deuce Doll here.

Buy the Gansta Babies Rey Rey doll here.

Buy the Gangsta Babies Benjino Doll here.

My Barbie Doll drove a corvette, not a hog. But things have changed, now Barbie is a leather chaps-clad chopper chick. And she has a huge tramp stamp on her back. At least she comes with a helmet.

Harley Davidson Barbie Doll:

Buy Harley Barbie here.

Since tough chick Barbie (above), needs a friend to hang with, there's Hard Rock Cafe Goth Barbie and Hard Rock cafe Runway Barbie:

both Hard Rock cafe barbies are available for purchase here

And although there were some 'monster dolls' like Frankenstein or Dracula, there certainly weren't any Action Figures known for their blood-lust and the murdering of innocent people, like these actions figures modeled after popular pop culture serial killers and drug dealers.

Pre Order the Dexter Action Figure here

Buy The Hannibal Lechter Action Figure here.

You'll notice, no one has the nerve to mass market a Ted Bundy Doll or a John Wayne Gacy doll, but there's really not that much of a difference.

Drug Dealer dolls:

Buy the Scarface action figure here.

As an adult, I can appreciate the dolls above, and would even buy them, but would I buy them for my kids? I'm not sure. Would you?

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