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Porsche Panamera: 4 Doors. 3 Models. And A Really Good Look At All Of Them.

If you haven't already heard, Porsche is coming out with their first four door sedan. Porsche purists are not happy, but you can decide for yourself. Named the Panamera, it's available in three models. I've found pretty much every possible image and angle for you (no need to run out and find a brochure!). The car, which has been manufactured and assembled in Porsche's Leipzig plant is expected to be available at dealers this coming October. The three models, exteriors and interiors are shown below. All photos courtesy of Porsche.

Adaptive motion rear spoiler with side sections moving separately:




The four zone automatic air conditioning:

Sound Systems:
For Porsche's new Panamera sedan, Burmester created a new a 16 channel amplifier system that drives 16 individual bass drivers and Air Motion Transformer tweeters with more than 1000 watts of power. Digital processing allows the sound to be tailored for each seating position, and sound algorithms created specifically for the Panamera can compensate for cabin and engine noise.

Topline specs:

The Panamera is built in the very modern Porsche Leipzig factory, which was built in 2002 and is where the Cayenne is assembled as well.

The Panamera on the assembly line:

The Panamera is scheduled to hit Porsche dealers at the end of October.

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