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Isabelli Rossellini Has A Whale Of A Time With Green Porno 2!

I'm so happy to announce that Isabella Rossellini has created more of her fabulous Green Porno videos for The Sundance Channel (as I learned last night on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson).

above: Green Porno 1 had Isabella portraying the sex lives of insects

The first round of Green Porno videos, with the Italian beauty portraying lascivious insects, had me laughing so hard and yet simultaneously educated me, that I couldn't get enough of them.

This round, Green Porno 2, focuses on the sex lives of aquatic animals and has her portraying a limpet, a starfish, a whale, an angler fish and a barnacle - all while teaching us about their unusual reproductive systems and habits.

As a limpet:

As an Angler fish:

As a male Whale:

As a Starfish:

As a Barnacle:

Here are a few fun 'behind the scenes photos' as well as a "making of" video.

A lot of people deserve credit for this imaginative and educational series;
Isabella Rossellini (creator, producer, director, writer.. and of course, actress)
Jody Shapiro (co-director, producer, filmaker and photographer)
Rick Gilbert (producer, production designer and art director)
Andy Byers (production designer)
Sam Levy (director of photography)
and Claudio Campagna (scientific consultant)

the "Making Of" video:

To see all the Green Porno videos from the first and second rounds, go to the Green Sundance Channel here.

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