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Luxe DIY: A Paper Hermes Kelly Bag To Call Your Own

On the surprises section of the Hermes corporate website is a fun DIY project that allows you to download, cut out and glue together a paper version of their famous Kelly Bag in several different artist variations or a plain one you can decorate yourself.

above: an authentic black crocodile Hermes Kelly bag

If you're like me and can't afford an original Hermes Kelly bag like the one shown above (and if you can, care to buy me one?), then this is a fun artsy alternative. think how cute it will look up on your mantel!

Here are the front and backs of all the pre patterned options:

and the blank one:

They furnish you with pdf templates of the patterned ones or a blank one you can do with as you please.

Examples of a patterned and a blank downloadable templates:

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