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Once Homes To Dolls, Now Modern Light Fixtures.

Artist Peter Waltz builds houses. But not the kind you live in, the kind you live with.

Peter has been working with found objects like Electrolux vacuums, old PA speakers, even hanging planter baskets, for many years, but it was his series of House Lights that captured my attention.

With a BFA from Tyler school of art in Philadelphia, Peter says he was always searching for items that can be transformed, reworked and renewed. Especially items that could serve as a vessel for light. Then came the houses.

"When I work with them, they tell a certain story about how they need to "remodeled". Whether it be maintaining the original paint, forcing them to rust, or polishing to a steel finish, they are all different. I guess these days I'm the only one in the country that can still "flip" a house." Peter writes, undoubtedly with a smile.

above: the artist, Peter Waltz, beneath one of his lights

His House Lights, which can be wall mounted or used as table lamps, are mini mid-century suburban style vintage dollhouses. The ranch homes, two story homes or split level homes beg to be explored. With little patios, dormers, and multi pane windows they have the charm of a 'home sweet home' with the edginess of a modern art piece - and a functional one at that.

I believe some to be the actual tin litho homes by Marx, T. Cohn and Wolverine Supply & Mfg.Co which are shown below:

Below is a T. Cohn tin litho home as originally appeared and after Peter's treatment and wiring:

And with his process of forced rusting or polishing, he turns them into functional finds that cast beautiful shafts of light and shadow. Just take a look.

close ups and details:

Prices range from $300.00 to $700.00 USD. I suggest you buy one of his homes before you can't afford them. If still available, prices and more information can be found at Peter's site here.
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