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Another Round of "Look What I Found!"

A round up of very unusual and hip items found worldwide.

The Duplex is a combination fish tank /bird cage designed by Constance Guisset:

learn more about it here.

The handmade plush Steve Jobs by Podbrix is too cute to pass up for any Apple or Mac lover:

buy him here.

The Creative Library Chair holds 200 books:

buy it here.

The Gold Key:

above: Marti Guixés Gold #4 is a gold plated silver key for your keyboard to replace the dollar sign key – one of the most commonly used symbols in our materialistic society. Pricing available by request:

The Cornered Dog Bed/ Crate by Richie Tanaka:

learn more here.

Iameco's wild wood computers:

learn more here.

Ceiling lamp fixtures that cast amazing shadows from Absolut Lighting:

Learn more here.

Fun and funky crash helmets by Aspesi:

learn more here.

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