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Inspired by Hokusai, Ted Noten Is Haunted By 36 Women

above photo by Sharon Mor Yosef

Haunted by 36 Women
From April 11th-May 23d, a new Ted Noten collection at Galerie Rob Koudijs
Many types of women (including his mother for which many of the pieces in the collection are named) have inspired Ted Noten in making his new series of work. Assemblages, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches in many different colors, materials and sizes are the result of a one year survey through the world of women. The exhibit features: the Fashionista collection, the Icecream Girl collection and the Femme Fatale collection as well as pieces from his Sufragette and MOM series.

Ward Schrijver writes for Galerie Rob Koudjis:

The Japanese artist Hokusai immortalized the most enchanting landscape he knew in a group of woodprints: '36 views of Mount Fuji' (shown below)

These images inspired Ted Noten to develop 36 jewels for just as many types of women. Noten also made images: each woman was portrayed in a three dimensional collage. The shoes, car tyres (tires) and other ‘objects trouvés’ he used, seem a far cry from regular jewellery (or jewelry).

above photo of Ted Noten courtesy of neuer schmuck

The artist became a jewellery maker at the moment he reworked the scale and details of these collages in a computer. State-of-the-art technology allowed him to produce objects in any material and seize: fit for a finger, arm or neck. Out of each collage just one golden jewel will be developed. In addition to these unique pieces, the designer Noten manufactured small editions in innovative plastics, titanium or steel.

Ted Noten’s work is a radically contemporary approach of the age-old craft of the goldsmith. With it he manages to seduce not only his 36 women: whether you are a lover of sculpture, of exclusive gold or wearable jewellery, his work will be hard to resist. --Ward Schrijver

above: Number 1 of 36, Icecream Girl

above: Pig Bracelet, sintered nylon

above: this one image of the ice cream rings is courtesy of Dezeen.

above: Pig ring, sintered nylon and one in gold, price upon request

Necklaces from the Fashionista series:

above: necklaces made of nylon and pigment, 1,400 euros a piece

From the Suffragette series:

above ring made of nylon and car lacquer, 950 euros

above: price on request

above: Kenau (yellow and rose gold ring objects), prices upon request

From the Mom series:

above: Object, MOM, price on request

above: Brooch, MOM, nylon and pigment, 175 euros

above: Macha ring, nylon and pigment, price upon request

Images of the opening and the exhibit at Galerie Rob Koudijs:

all above images courtesy of Ted Noten, Klimt02, and Galerie Rob Koudijs

Part of this exhibition is shown by Galerie Rob Koudijs at COLLECT in the Saatchi Gallery, London from the 14th to the 17th of May 2009.

Galerie Rob Koudijs
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Telephone: +31 (0)20 331 87 96

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