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Clinch Collection Makes Finding The Perfect Pouch A Cinch

The Clinch Collection consists of nicely designed, functional zippered pouches and wallets made by hand in Belgium, France and Italy. Because they are handmade by skilled artisans, each piece has subtle differences in finish, color and appearance. Whether you are looking for charming, edgy, elegant or fun styles, they have one for you. You can even customize some of their designs by adding your own text or order a special limited edition. On their site, they even invite you to try your hand at designing your own. Their "Risky Clinch" as they call it.

Photography, graphic patterns, cut paper art, doodles, guns and flowers are a few examples of their vast range. Here is their collection at the time of this post:

Clinch Pouches:
Through its handy dimensions of around 18.5 by 15 cm (approx. 7.3" by 5.9") a Clinch pouch offers ample room to store quite a lot. The sturdy zipper has an exclusive C-shaped puller, to which you could attach something.

Their size makes them perfect for make up bags:

The fronts and backs of each pouch are different. Below are a few examples:

Clinch Wallets:
Neither too large nor too small, a Clinch wallet measures around 17 cm in length, 10.5 cm in width and 1.5 cm in thickness (resp. 6.6" 4.1" and 0.6").

The inside of each wallet has been made from quality calfskin leather. And is clearly organized so you can easily find everything; both a large and a flat compartment on each side for banknotes and other paper; ten slots for (bank) cards, two of which are held upright so you can reach them more easily; a coin compartment with separate zipper in the middle. The sturdy outer zipper will ensure everything stays neatly in place.

Clinch Custom (three fun designs that can be personally customized) :

The backs of each custom style are the background pattern as shown on the third style below:

And they come beautifully, but simply, packaged:

The pouches are priced at 120 euros and the skin wallets at 195 euros. Here's the really fun part, they ship to all countries and territories and can be purchased online here.

Clinch B.V.B.A.
Oudeheerweg Heide 109
BE-9250 Waasmunster

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