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Sneak Peek at Edward van Vliet's Sushi Collection For Moroso

Not yet on the market, Moroso's newest collection of seating, pouffes and rugs is named the Sushi Collection. This special combination of different elements is indeed the key characteristic of this collection, which unites simple, clean lines with exquisite patchwork embroidery, evocative of Japanese or Moroccan moods, and embroidered, ultra-modern geometric patterns.

The pieces, as well as the fabrics in the collection have been designed by Edward van Vliet.

Above: Dutch designer Edward van Vliet

Edward van Vliet is a Dutch interior designer who started off as a fabric designer before moving into interior design and large-scale furnishing projects, including Derlon Hotel and NL Hotel in Amsterdam.

He worked with Patrizia Moroso on this collection (shown above). She describes her perception of the creativity of a designer she has known for years: "Edward has a very light, free and easy approach to designing, and he also has a talent for amalgamating very different elements. The contrast highlights their differences and, as in life, it becomes the most attractive and interesting side of things".

The Sushi collection is a sophisticated wrapping concept inspired by universal layers, found also in nature and architecture.

The Karmacoma from this collection is a sofa with a hard shell, medium firmness support pillows and comfortable pillows on the surface. Each layer distinguished by a different sort of upholstery:

The donut pouffe incorporates some of the same geometric fabrics:

The Sushi seat

The Juju seat

The large and small geospere Rontonton lamps are three dimensional geometric bodies made out of plastic and aluminum perforated sandwich sheet. The light radiates through the perforated sheets adding an additional layer onto all other designs.

The Spirocube rug is another interpretation of modernistic folklore. It shows a two dimensional pattern of geometric spiral figures.

The Sushi light carpet for Moroso incorporates the Carp design seen on their sushi seat:

The full Sushi Collection will be previewed in the Moroso showrooms in Amsterdam on the 23rd of February, in Milan on the 25th of February and in Miami on the 5th of March.

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images of the collection courtesy of Moroso and Edward van Vliet

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