The Essence of Klimt by Moises González' Compared To The Real Thing

Above left: Judith mit dem Haupt Holofernes by Gustav Klimt and right; Moises González' version

I ran across these recreations of Gustav Klimt's work on the Behance network by photographer Moises González'and simply had to share them with you. As a long time fan of the Austrian painter, these fun recreations of his works captured my immediate attention. A clever group of talented folks have combined their photography, digital art, illustration, make-up, hair and styling (all found through Kattaca) to recreate some of Gustav's most famous paintings.

While other sites and blogs have shown these photos, I have placed them side by side - or underneath- with the originals by Klimt.

Above: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (his most well-known painting)

Above: Moises González' version of The Kiss

Above: Adele Bloch Bauer by Gustav Klimt

Above: Moises González' version of Adele Bloch Bauer

Above: Danae by Gustav Klimt

Above: Moises González' version of Danae

Above left: Judith by Gustav Klimt and right; Moises González' version

Above left, Adam and Eve by Gustav Klimt, above right; Moises González' version

Above left: Portrait of Mada Primavesi by Gustav Klimt and Moises González' version of the Portrait of Mada Primavesi on the right

Above left: the Dance by by Moises González, above right; Gustav Klimt,

Above left: Water Serpents by Gustav Klimt, above right: Moises González' version

Above: The Virgin (or The Maiden) by Gustav Klimt

Above: Moises González's version of The Virgin (or The Maiden)

Title: La esencia de Klimt
Magazine: Ae
Photographer- Moises González
Art Direction, digital art, illustrated and Styling- Kattaca
Make up artist- Yurema Villa
Hairdresser- Raul Zarco


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Actually I'd already done this comparison previously on my blog, you can check it here, in a ongoing series I have on using famous paintings as the basis for fashion editorials. I've dug up quite a few examples already, you might enjoy it!

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I think you've the Dance captions reversed.

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I sure did and now it's been amended, thanks!

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