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Like David Hockney? Then Meet Michael Pfleghaar.

Above: Pfleghaar's Red and Green

above: Pfleghaar's Royal Melbourne facade

Now, it's true, Michael Pfleghaar's work is similar to that of David Hockney in both style and color as well as subject matter. But, given that the majority of art-lovers out there cannot afford an original Hockney, Pfleghaar's original works are a great alternative.

Of course his work is not an actual substitute for a Hockney; his craft is not as mature, his style not as diverse, his technique for more naive, but Michael is a lot younger than David and far more accessible to the masses. His work is very appealing, growing in popularity and critical acclaim. Throughout the post, I've included several of Hockney's pieces with that of Pfleghaar's, so be sure to read the captions.

And for those who can't afford his original art, he sells his prints at Imagekind and in his Etsy store you can buy greeting cards that feature his work like the one shown below.

Above: Michael sells greeting cards with his images, like the one above, at his etsy store.

An illustrator, painter and ceramicist, Michael has several different series of works. All of them have amazing energy, use of color and whether exteriors or interiors, a modernist sensibility.

One of his series consists of several famous icons of modern architecture like the Pierre Keonig Stahl residence and the Philip Johnson Glass home.

The Pierre Koenig-Stahl residence:

The Philip Johnson Glass home:

Michae's series of Palm Springs modern homes include renderings of the Albert Frey home, Wexler homes and the famous Neutra Kauffman home amongst others.

A study of the Albert Frey Palm Springs home:

Edris House study:

the Kaufmann Residence in Palm Springs by Richard Neutra:

The Wentworth home in Palm Springs:

Wexler home in Palm Springs:

Wexler Steel House3:

And below are some direct comparisons to Hockney's work:

Hockney's "A Bigger Splash":

Pfleghaar's View Of Cielo Drive:

Hockney's Cactus Garden:

His interiors, also like Hockney's, are in skewed perspective and often feature classically modern design elements like eames chairs and bullet planters:

Pfleghaar's Potted Jade in modern planter:

Hockney's Potted Jade, 1988:

Pfleghaar's Animated Eames Chairs:

Pfleghaar's Modern Mantel still life:

Hockney's Mt. Fuji and Orchid:

Michael Pfleghaar's Sunlight and orchid:

Speaking of plants, this post would not be complete without sharing his adorable ceramic "little buds" with you as well:

And both Hockney and Pfleghaar share a love of dogs.

above: Hockney's Dog painting 17

Above: Michael Pfleghaar's Dog On Sheep's Clothes

above: Pfleghaar's Madison In The Studio

represented by:
Dezart One Gallery
in Palm Springs
the Nines Gallery in Michigan

About the artist:

Since his childhood, Michael Pfleghaar has had a deeply personal & inspired relationship with the arts.

Born in 1965 in Toledo, Ohio, Pfleghaar found himself participating in his first art class as a child in the Toledo Artist’s Club. His love of art eventually led him to Kendall College of Art and Design and Grand Valley State University where he received his BFA in painting.

In the summer of 1988, Pfleghaar attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Aix en Provence, France where he focused his studies on the French landscape. Soon after, Michael Pfleghaar apprenticed with the internationally recognized Michigan artist Stephen Duren.

His Studio
His etsy store
His own site

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