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Belvedere Vodka Goes "Street" With The Launch of IX

Belvedere Vodka is hipping up their image with their new release of Belvedere IX (pronounced "One-X"). They hired bad boy Paris artist Andre to promote the liquor and tag the bottle. And, of course, he's the star of the launch parties (the one in Los Angeles just took place on Feb. 5th ) and the New York launch took place last night at The Bowery Hotel.

Who is Andre?

Andre Saraiva (aka Andre or Mr. A) was born in Sweden and raised in Paris. At 36 years old, has his hand in several ventures; nightclub impresario, co-owner of the hip NY hotspot, the Beatrice Inn and a fashion designer who has his own boutique in Paris, the Black Block.

above: some of Andre's fashions for Black Block

Above: I love his umbrella available at his store, Black Block.

examples of Andre's work (courtesy of

In keeping with the hip vibe, the photos of Andre for the campaign were shot by Terry Richardson:

above: French artist Andre Saraiva (aka Andre or Mr. A)

above: Andre tagging a model.

above: Andre at the Hollywood launch, tagging the wall.

More about the Vodka:

Belvedere IX micro site

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