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Justice Bodan: Leather Goods That Are Great.

It's rare that I see something in person (as opposed to online) where I simply must stop and find more information about it. The Justice Bodan Steelshell Messenger Bag was one such item. I saw the bag upon the shoulder of a co-worker and was mesmerized by the craftsmanship, style and details. When he set the bag down, I sneakily inspected it to find the words Justice Bodan embossed in the leather. (I have since confessed to the owner, Joe Shands, that I was peeking into his bag. Yes, he forgave me).

This led me to the stunning work of Los Angeles sculptor/designer David Grieco, the man behind the Justice Bodan label and his belts, bags, small leather goods, and jewelry.

above: elipse and fleur-de-lys bronze sculptures by David Grieco

An artist who has been sculpting for over 15 years, he created the fictional name and character, Justice Bodan, as a front for his jewelry and leather goods.

Above: The Steelshell in black or brown leather with cast bronze buckle (also shown as a belt)

His belt buckles are amazing. Artful, textural, and organic. Handmade and hand cast in bronze, they are heavy and substantial, not to mention beautiful. Many are available in white bronze or sterling silver as well. Here are just a few from his large collection.

He has a small selection of handbags and wallets for women, too.

And makes sterling silver bracelets, rings, pendants, cuff links money clips and more with the same organic shapes that appear on his other pieces:

Small leather portfolios and photo albums are amongst his gift offerings:

THE JUSTICE BODAN COLLECTION (as taken from his site):

The Justice Bodan Collection was created by Los Angeles-based artist David Grieco. David has been a fine-art sculptor for over 15 years with bronze being his chosen medium. His mastery of the craft guarantees that each design will be artfully unique.

Above: the sculptor at work

The collection initially launched with a line of belts and has recently expanded to include bags, jewelry and gift items.

Justice Bodan is a fictional character who travels the world, journaling his experiences. He travels from country to country, continent to continent, searching for nothing. He is only seeking to have experiences that will enable him to feel more connected to everyone and everything. Each destination helps him relate a little more closely to himself and to the human experience.

above: david working with molten bronze in his studio

Each buckle in the Justice Bodan Collection has a name with a message that correlates to the moment and destination that inspired its creation…allowing each meaningful thought and experience to blossom into a beautiful three-dimensional object. To protect the integrity and authenticity of the collection, David uses the lost-wax process, pulling each piece from a mold and then pouring it into bronze. In addition, each buckle is an original that is numbered and embossed by David personally.

All of the leather is imported from a tannery in Italy and is of the highest quality. David individually inspects each hide to insure it compliments the accompanying metal. Every piece of jewelry in the collection is made of sterling silver.

Each design in the Justice Bodan Collection is wearable art. Wear them with pride, and live life with love.

Shop for the above items here.

1130 South Flower Street, #401
Los Angeles, CA 90015


For wholesale inquiries:
NEXUS Showroom
39 West 56th Street Third Floor
New York, NY 10019
tel. 212.265.0856
fax. 212 265 0898

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