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Bela's Dead: The Dark Side Of Sexy Lingerie

Bela’s Dead is a lingerie label (and the brainchild of one woman) that merges the idea of elegance and strength to form imaginative, devious and seductive underwear designs. Inspired by Nick Cave songs about murder and lost love, the art and performance of being a woman, and other musicians such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bela’s Dead creates sensual pieces with dark undertones.

Above: the beautiful and talented designer, Jo Lynch

“I like the idea of putting something spooky into luxury lingerie. It adds a slightly unnerving quality to it,” says designer Jo Lynch.

Working closely with Finnish illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi, his extra-ordinary, story telling artwork features in each collection.

The latest takes inspiration from the forbidden fruit and The Garden of Eden, anatomical floral drawings and the threatening side of nature.

The pieces from the collection are about as sexy as macabre can get.

Here are some of Klaus Haapaniemi's artwork for the collection:

and as it appears on the black Fox Hunt and Skull bra:

and on the Fox Hunt Bustier:

Dead Garden Of Eden camisole and bustier:


Forbidden Fruit camisole & panties:


Dead Fox and Skull on white satin bra and panties:


Silver Tear Drop camisole, bra and panties:


Limited edition Fox Hunt bra and panties:


Lingerie Design - Jo Lynch
Illustration - Klaus Haapaniemi

credits for the photos taken in studio with the grey backdrops:
Photography - Henrik Adamsen |
Makeup & hair - Kristina Engberg |
Model - Eugenia |

Where can you find them?
You can find some of these fabulous pieces at the following stores:

Glamorous Amorous
Dirty Pretty Things
Labour of Love
Selfridges & Co.

for press and sales:
Bela's Dead
Studio G
23 Phipp Street
London EC2A 4NP

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