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Love or Hate Valentine's Day, I've Got The Gifts For You

Love Valentine's Day?

I'm bummed at all the crap people are posting on social shopping sites for V-day gifts. Just because it's red or heart-shaped doesn't mean it's a great gift! Here are some gifts that truly are unique, memorable, hip or collectible.

From love spells and naming a star to customized rings made from your profile and sexy bed sheets. My 'Seriously Good Valentine's Gifts' list contains over 80 hip items, in a wide price range, for the one you cherish. No crappy gold-filled jewelry or heart soaps on here. Just the good stuff.

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Seriously Good Valentine's Gifts

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Hate Valentine's Day?

So... what if you're single, spurned, bitter or just plain against the commercialization of Valentine's Day? Well then I have gifts for you, too.

Valentine's Day isn't all hearts and candy for everyone. With the single population higher than ever, divorce rates increasing and those whose hearts are on the mend, here are some products for those who'd rather celebrate the St. Valentine's Day Massacre than the holiday.

I Hate Valentine's Day

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