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Artist Federico Uribe Creates Critters From Kicks, Paintings from Pencils And More.

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe must have a great deal of patience, in addition to his obvious load of talent. He began his career as a painter and then evolved to using found objects and industrial items in his work, creating assemblages that simply demand your rapt attention.

In his Torso series screws, coins, keyboard keys, dominoes, padlocks, paperclips and more form to create human torsos. Items like shoelaces and colored pencils are expertly assembled to create what look like paintings from afar, when what they really are is sculpture. This artisan, who now lives and works in Miami, creates pieces for private and public collections as well as commercial and personal applications.

Be prepared to marvel.

His Torso Series consists of sculptural torsos made from such items as fruit, pencils, fur, computer keys, nails. clothespins, rubber lips and more.


computer keys:


Made entirely of colored shoelaces, his Shoelace paintings are extraordinary:

His Pencil paintings (assemblage of actual pencils):

He has crafted several different series, as shown by the above examples, but he doesn't stop there. Below are images from his incredible 2006 installation called Human Nature made of PUMA shoes and shoelaces.

Now look at the individual animals closely, they are crafted from leather kicks and laces and are amazing:

Federico Uribe's site.

Federico Uribe is represented by Annina Nosei Gallery in New York and Italy, Galerie Patrice Trigano in France, Galeria Angel Romero in Spain and Jacob Karpio Gallery in Latin America and Miami.

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