Waterproof Six-packs: "Guess the Olympic Swimmer's Abs" Is My Kind Of Game

Go ahead, tell me I'm practicing a double standard. That I'm shallow and contributing to sexism. It's completely true.... the Ab Fab slide show from NBC's Olympics website is totally sexist. But awfully yummy and nice eye candy as well as a test of your visual acuity for muscular chests. And if most female athletes actually had breasts or butts, we could play "guess the gymnast's tits" or "guess the volleyball player's butts." Actually, guess the Olympic female athlete's legs would be a good one.....

But I transgress. back to the yumminess at hand:









A) Andrew Lauterstein

B) Alain Bernard

c) Ryan Lochte

D) Aaron Peirsol

E) Brent Hayden

F) Michael Phelps:

G) Brendan Hansen

H) Filippo Magnini

So, how did you do? I got a gold medal :)


karly said...

If you post this every day for the rest of the life of this blog, it will fly to the top of my google reader

Laura Sweet said...

I like your kind of thinkin' Karly!
Wish I could, but I'd have to change the name of the blog to" If He's Hot, He's Here". (hmmm....)

Jeremy said...

Not exactly the hip i was expecting to see. Is this what i get for not coming to the site on a regular basis? I think it's only fair to do a blog about women in the swimsuits now...and an email newsletter signup so i remember to come back regularly.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.