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Tentacles, Fungi & Anatomy Cast In Fine Metals. The Very Cool Jewelry of Peggy Skemp.

Peggy Skemp has a knack for turning things that are usually considered creepy into beautiful, detailed jewelry. Anatomical hearts, musculature, lungs, brains, tentacles, squid, octopus and fungi are hand cast in everything from 18k gold to bronze.

All types of sterling - high polished, antiqued and blackened as well as bronze versions of her pieces are available. Some are even studded with diamonds or gemstones.

Anatomical Collection

Lung locket necklace:

Lung pendant necklace closed and open on model:

Anatomical heart pendants, lockets and rings:

Thigh muscles pendant necklace:

Muscle rings and pendants:

Dendrite and Neuron necklaces and bracelet:

Brain rings:

Tentacle Collection

Sterling silver tentacle pendants:

Yellow and white bronze tentacle pendants:

Sterling silver tentacle necklace with black diamonds:

Blackened sterling silver tentacle pendant with diamonds:

Blackened Silver tentacle ring with diamonds:

Sterling Silver tentacles rings:

Sterling tentacle stack rings, without and with diamonds:

Sterling squid rings:

Sterling octopus ring with gemstone eyes:

Sterling silver tentacle earrings with and without gemstones:

Blackened sterling silver tentacle earrings:

Fungi Collection

White and yellow bronze fungi rings:

Blackened and sterling silver fungi rings:

Sterling silver fungi pendant and ring:

About Peggy
Peggy learned metalsmithing and gemology at The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) before going on to earn a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where her focus was sustainable design. In between, she also studied natural science at De Paul. Having grown up in rural southeastern Minnesota, she currently lives and works in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, at home in her menagerie of ungovernable succulents, cacti, and hanging ferns.

Peggy Skemp Jewelry

Church Keys To the City. Map-Engraved Beer Bottle Opener Necklaces.

Husband and wife design duo, Vivian Cheng and Eric Jean-Louis of Blend Creations have added some new designs to their inspired collections of modern stainless steel jewelry. Joining their designer artist pendants, bar code, QR code and custom photo necklaces are engraved pendants that double as a functioning bottle openers. The abstract looking patterns are maps of the birthplaces of eight well known and loved beers from around the world.

Now, no matter where you are, you can open a bottle in style. Better yet, if you find yourself drunk and wandering the streets of Amsterdam, you can just glance down and find your way to more booze.

Leuven, Belgium the birthplace of Stella Artois:

Dublin, Ireland, the birthplace of Guinness:

Mexico City, the birthplace of Corona:

Burton upon Trent, the UK birthplace of Bass:

Amsterdam, the Netherlands birthplace of Heineken:

Bremen, Germany birthplace of Beck's:

Groenlo, Netherlands birthplace of Grolsch:

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK birthplace of Newcastle:

Each pendant comes on a hand-knotted waxed cotton cord that can adjust from approximately 20" to 32" in length.

Pendant size: About 1.75" dia x 1/16" thick

Order these Worldy necklaces here!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.