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Pride of Soldiers, A Scabetti Sculpture in A Highly Secure Military Location.

'Pride of Soldiers', this unique three meter diameter sculptural light commissioned for the Land Forces Command Head Quarters in Utrecht, has rarely been seen before due to its highly secure location.

above: The Kromhout Barracks houses the Royal Dutch Land Forces Command Head Quarters.

The newly erected Kromhout Barracks (which are really beautifully designed) stand on the outskirts of Utrecht and were designed by leading Dutch practice Meyer en Van Schooten Architects.

Dominic and Frances Bromley's unique commission, Pride of Soldiers, will only ever be seen by strict invitation. These photographs (by Frances Bromley, Jannes Linders and Stefan Van Weelden) are now the only access many will have to this remarkable work of art, as it is sited in one of the most secure places in the Netherlands; the Royal Dutch Land Forces Command Head Quarters.

above: Pride of Soldiers in the Kromhout Barracks, Netherlands by Dominic and Frances Bromley.

Installed in the Netherland's new Kromhout Barracks outside of Utrecht, this beautiful bone china sculpted light serves as a monument to the Armed Forces. The unique piece, comprised of many stylized soldiers hanging vertically to form a sphere, was crafted by Dominic and Frances Bromley of Scabetti.

The ceramic forms are slip cast fine bone china, cast by hand in the Potteries of Stoke-on-Trent:

The piece stands an impressive three meters in diameter hovering over a large table within the barrack's conference room.

Progressing around the room there's an extra dimension that reveals itself; each soldier stands in perfect formation and comes together to create the Lion of the Armed Forces emblem, with the central light at its heart.

Designing a piece so dramatic and specific to the location was a brave move for the accomplished duo and combined their unique technical and artistic approach. Pride of Soldiers must surely stand as the Bromley's most significant work to date.

View this and more installations by Scabetti on their website.
To purchase a sculpture or discuss a commission, contact the studio directly.

One Fish, Two Fish, Glass Fish, Gold Fish. New Shoal Lights From Scabetti.

I introduced you to Dominic Bromley and his stunning lamps for Scabetti way back in 2007. Since then, his beautiful Shoal light made of fine bone china fish that seem to be suspended as swimming in a school (hence the name) has expanded into a line that includes various sizes, custom versions and even special new editions such as glass and gold.




Fine Bone China Shoal lights:
A mass of fine bone china fish carrying delicate sculpted detail, circle a central beam of light, creating a captivating cylindrical form. Each fish is lit not only by reflected light from its neighbours but also from within, with the light passing through the delicate translucent china body.

Shoal 64- made with 64 fine bone china fish.
size: 35cm (14") diameter, 20cm (8") tall

Shoal 186- made with 186 fine bone china fish.
size: 50cm / 20” diameter, 85cm / 33" tall

Shoal 284- made with 284 fine bone china fish.
size: 50cm / 20” diameter, 120cm / 47” tall

Shoal 798- made with 708 fine bone china fish
size: 75cm / 29.5” diameter, 175cm / 69” tall:

Shoal 1672- made with 1672 fine bone china fish.
size: 1.5m / 59" diameter, 2m / 79" tall

Each Shoal is available in glazed or un-glazed fine bone china as well as in various sizes. Each fish is 16cm, (6”), long.

Custom sizes available too:

Recent addition
Shoal Glass 386- made with 386 glass fish
size: 750mm (2.95\") diameter, 850mm (3.35\") tall
(the Glass shoal is also be available in other sizes)

Special edition
A limited edition (ten) of the iconic Shoal light sculpture, made with one hundred and eighty six fine bone china fish plated in twenty four carat gold.
24ct gold coating on 186 fine bone china fish and 24ct gold plated suspension frame and lines.
size: 50cm (20”) diameter, 85cm (33") tall

To place an order or request a price list please contact Scabetti directly via:
t: +44 (0) 1538 371 471

13 Town Yard,
Station Street, Leek,
Staffordshire, ST13 8BF. England.

Gallery address (open by appointment only)
30 Stockwell Street,
Leek, ST13 6DS.

It's A Lamp. It's A Speaker. It's The Amplamp By Futuros

Is it a table lamp? Is it an audio speaker? The truth is that the amplamp is a unique combination of both. The amplamp is hand-crafted by Dominic Bromley, one of the UK's most successful lighting and ceramics designers - and the guy behind Scabetti.

what does it look like?
Available in black or white and with your choice of shade.

How does it work?

Amplamp delivers a unique sonic experience that easily compares to the most advanced consumer audio products. The sound combines tightly controlled deep bass with crystal clear presence, accuracy and precision.

By using a unique configuration of Airsound drivers and a transparent NXT panel speaker, the Amplamp is able to create a 360 degree spatial sound with realistic staging. The listener is enveloped in exquisite stereo sound, regardless of wherever they are in the room.

With the shade in place, the unit delivers above 20kHz, which is higher than you can hear - the domain of cats and bats. And at the same time it reaches down to less than 40Hz - lower than the lowest note on a bass guitar. So you really will not miss a thing.

Features include:

• On-board amplifier - 80 watts including sub woofer
• Spatial stereo from one amplamp
• NXT and Airsound technologies
• Optional docking station controls and charges your iPod

An exceptional speaker- The amplamp takes the speaker out of the conventional black box. An active speaker for an iPod, MP3 player or any other sound source, the amplamp uses cutting edge technology to produce a precision, room-filling stereo sound from a single unit.

The listener is enveloped in exquisite stereo sound, regardless of where they are in the room. A powerful, vertical-firing, bass sub woofer adds a depth and richness only found in larger, higher specification, hi-fi systems.

About NXT technology:

NXT's technologies are unique and based on harnessing the natural modes of vibration in a panel to reproduce sound. These technologies are derived from a profound understanding of bending wave physics and its applications to sound generation.

Traditional speakers act like a piston, pumping air with a rigid cone. NXT speakers are different. A transducer is used to excite a carefully designed panel, which vibrates, & converts the mechanical energy into sound pressure waves over the entire surface area. It is the same principle that makes an acoustic guitar or violin make its sound.

An additional characteristic is that the sound volume does not decay over distance like a standard speaker. This allows users to set a volume that is comfortable whilst they are sitting close to the unit while also being sufficient to fill the whole room with sound.

A powerful, vertical-firing, bass sub woofer adds a depth and richness only found in larger, high-specification, hi-fi systems.

About airsound technology:
It works by using small side firing speakers to reproduce spatial information contained within a stereo input signal. The resulting sound is used to interact with & modify the mono sound field generated by a forward facing NXT panel speaker.

Pre-order yours now here. Or call: +44 (0)1249 700 643
Read about Dominic and Frances Bromley of Scabetti here.

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