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The Lids Are A Canvas For Tal Peleg Who Tells Stories With Eye Make-Up.

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Israeli based make-up artist and blogger Tal Peleg is inspired by movies, television, children's books, fairy tales, musicals, holidays and the state of the human mind.

above: Tal wearing her own Princess and The Pea eye makeup

Using the eyelid as a blank canvas, she has created stunning images and narratives with eye shadows, liquid liner, mascara and occasionally, added elements. From Cinderella to Dr. Seuss, her work on closed eyes will make yours pop wide open. Take a peek at the following 26 examples.

The Princess and The Pea:


Snow White:

The Princess and The Frog:

The Ugly Ducking:

Disney's Frozen:

The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince:

Dr. Seuss:

The Moomins:

The Diary of Anne Frank:

Les Miserables:

Breaking Bad's Heisenberg:

White Swan and Black Swan:

Kick Ass 2:

Pink Floyd, The Wall:


Black Cat:


Manic Depression/ Bi-Polar:


Visit her website here to see more of her work.

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Thanks to The Daily Mail for bringing this to my attention and to Tal Peleg for use of her images.


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