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The Hippest Gingerbread Houses Ever! April Reed's Farnsworth House & More

This gingerbread version of Farnsworth House — Mies van der Rohe’s modern masterpiece in Plano, Ill. — is a (deep-pocketed) design lover’s dream. It took the elves at April Reed Cake Design several days of photo research and about 25 hours to construct the fondant-covered walls, poured-sugar ‘‘glass’’ windows and sugar-paste I-beams and staircases. The project was a natural progression for the Manhattan cake maven, who specializes in stylishly spare confections for weddings and parties. ‘‘I tend to pass on overly theme-y cakes, but I have a soft spot for commissions that are intriguing from a design perspective,’’ Reed says. The house costs $4,320, with 15 percent of the proceeds going to help repair the real Farnsworth House, which was damaged in a September flood.

The actual Farnsworth house:

Other mid century modern gingerbread houses worth checking out include this 1950's gingerbread house from Jeff Gates of life outta context:

Don't forget this customizable one I blogged about last year which is sadly no longer available for purchase:

And of course, the amazing, incredible edible architecture of the Fallingwater Gingerbread House:

See an entire post with over 20 pics of the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater House in gingerbread here


WendyB said...

These are adorable.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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