The Perfect Gift For Those Who Don't Give A Flying F*ck. An Expletive Remote Control Helicopter.

How many times have you had to listen to someone drone on and on about something in which you have no interest? Now you can show them you don't give a Flying Fuck with his hilarious Remote Controlled Flying F*ck Helicopter. Made from soft-foam, it's controlled by a two-channel helicopter style flight system.

The actual RC Helicopter does not have a pixelated or blurred letter:

Product Features:
• R/C Helicopter looks like a giant flying F*CK
• Two channel control means the copter always move forward slowly. You control the hover and right and left turns.
• Dual counter-rotating blades give incredible hovering and stability
• Helicopter Charges from Remote
• 7 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time
• Requires 6 AA batteries, not included

video of the RC Helicopter in action:

Via HiConsumption via Materialicious

Also available at novelty stores like gadgets and gear, Think Geek and Spencers Online

The Mano Bedside Lamp From Fontana Arte Might Just Give You Nightmares.

Talk about a creepy bedside lamp. This Mano lamp from Fontana Arte was originally designed in 1932 by the late Italian art deco designer Pietro Chiesa and has been reissued from the Italian company. It's a bit like having Thing from the Addams family share your bedroom with you.

The soft black matte lamp with a fabric shade has a white human hand cast in marble powder and resin reaching up the stem.

The Mano Table lamp is equipped with a dimmer with a base of marble powder and resin and square section stem in metal, both painted "soft" black matte. The hand is cast in white marble powder and resin and it has a diffused shade in black fabric lined with white PVC.

Price available on request from the manufacturer

Wonderful Saul Bass Inspired Video For Louis Vuitton 2012 Summer Belt Collection.

As a huge fan of Saul Bass, I was thrilled to come across lovely animated piece of web content for Louis Vuitton. Directed by illustrator/animator Jo Ratcliffe, this fabulous Saul Bass-inspired animated video is promoting the luxury brand's 2012 Summer Belt Collection.

LV describes the project as follows:
As the major point of focus on a human silhouette accentuating the waist, belts could be considered the most essential accessory. They were decorative and mainly associated with the military in past days. However, as a fashion item in modern times, men started wearing belts in the 1920s as trouser waists fell to a lower line. Louis Vuitton has been making belts since the 1930s as both a fashion accessory and necessary yet basic addition to trousers. Here artist Jo Ratcliffe showcases Louis Vuitton’s latest collection in this Saul Bass detective style animation. Fasten your belts!

Director: Jo Ratcliffe
Animation and Production: Minivegas
Music Supervisor: Rebeca Ann Toledo, Dust Music Supervision of Norway

Louis Vuitton

Rocky, A New Modern Rocking Horse for Kids by Marc Newson For Magis Me Too.

I love it when designers re-imagine classic childhood toys and Marc Newson's latest take on the classic ride-on horsey for Magis is a perfect example.

Rocky simplifies the horse silhouette by moulding it from one piece of polyethylene with the exception of the rope reigns which hang in the mouth of the horse.

The parallelogram motion mimics the movement of a traditional rocking horse. The material, rotationally moulded polyethylene, was chosen for both its durability and recyclability.

Rocky was introduced at this year's Salone Del Mobile for Magis' children's brand, Me Too.

Other Re-Imagined Rocking Horses:

above: check out these stunning Modernist Rocking Horses by Frederik Roijé

above: An adult version of the Rocking Horse by Peter Jakubik

Prada Parallel Universes - 12 Animated Gifs for Prada by Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan.

Graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, best known for his Paris Versus New York series of posters and book has collaborated with uber luxe fashion brand Prada for Parallel Universes 2012, a series of animated gifs.

Prada describes the project as follows:
The creative path imagined by graphic designer and artist Vahram Muratyan, is a virtual road/paved/with Prada 2012 spring/summer men's and women's accessories, which highlights through rapid and intuitive movements two parallel universes that meet under the auspices of Prada style.

Prada Parallel Universes is an exercise that grows out of the drive to experiment with, and to match, new communications media and Prada’s semiotics; to be consistent with the present without nostalgia.

This dreamlike yet virtual story was entrusted to the Armenian born illustrator Vahram Muratyan. Through his adopted city of Paris, Vahram recently came into the limelight for his newly published book Paris vs New York, a work of art which compares the two great cities with graphic signs exploring their different similarities.

The same intellectual path is followed by Prada in its spring/summer collections dedicated to accessories.
PRADA PARALLEL UNIVERSES spring / summer 2012.








Illustrator and Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan:

"I'm With Stupid" - Inspired Fashion Collection for Women by Designer Antoine Peters.

Fashion designer Antoine Peters has created a line of fashions for women based on the classic 'I'm With Stupid' novelty t-shirt. Gowns, pants, blouses, coats, sweaters, jackets, even boots and purses, take the concept and turn it into an irreverent but fashionable take on the sophomoric saying and image.

Adding even more humor to the tongue-in-cheek line are the "peace sign" fingers headgear the models sported as they walked down the runway, emulating the juvenile gesture many make in photographs.

Peters describes the concept for the collection as follows:
"I'm With Stupid" is a humorous insult which is best known printed on novelty T-shirts, expressing that a person in the direction of an arrow is 'stupid'. Together with the lack of self-mockery this inspired a collection full off 'plays with directions' in fabric-draping, pattern-cutting, print-design and fast (negative) judgements.

above: some examples of Classic "I'm With Stupid" T-shirts

The airyness of concept, and literally in the clothes itself, is emphasized by arrows which are visible in print-design and styling. However, these arrows are also a substantial part of the construction, silhouettes and details within the clothes, which isn't visible (at first sight).

Video of the runway show:

all images courtesy of the designer

Antoine Peters

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