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An Experience To Savor. Create and Name Your Own Personal Whiskey Stock.

Do you have an idea for a great whiskey? Want your own custom whiskey for your bar or restaurant? You and some buddies want your own label for the hunting camp? Want an amazing one-of-a-kind Father's Day, holiday, graduation or wedding gift? Here’s your chance.

The Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire, Iowa will custom make a 30 gallon barrel of whiskey for you. You pick the grain bill, the yeast, the barrel, the age and the proof. You even get to name it. When it’s done, you get all the whiskey in the barrel and the empty barrel to display proudly.

above: Mississippi River Distilling Company Owner Ryan Burchett talks whiskey

Their inaugural “My Whiskey” program is a unique experience that will have your fingerprints on it from beginning to end. Below tells you, in their words, how they help you craft your unique creation.

So how does this all work? First of all, you must understand that we are responsible for following the very stringent federal and state laws regarding the manufacture and sale of distilled spirits. So while some of this may seem a bit convoluted, there is a strict system in place that your spirits will travel through between our distillery and your door.

First step is establishing the recipe. We have four grains at our disposal: corn, wheat, rye and barley. These grains are purchased directly from the local farmers who grew them. When your bottle is complete, we will be able to tell you the names of the farmers who grew every grain that went into your bottle.

We will work with you to establish a mash bill appropriate to the flavor you are trying to achieve. Corn is rich and sweet. Wheat provides a light sweetness and fruity flavor. Rye is peppery and spicy. Barley is mild and takes on a significant portion of its flavor from the yeast.


If you wish to make a bourbon whiskey, you will use predominantly corn. By law it must be at least 50% corn. Typically, bourbon is 70%-80% corn. For a secondary grain, you can choose wheat or rye. Most bourbons use rye for the secondary grain. However, we use wheat in our Cody Road Bourbon which provides a sweeter flavor. The secondary grain usually accounts for 10%-15% of the mash bill. Finally, bourbon typically includes 5%-15% barley. But as long as you have 51% corn, you can call it bourbon and mix out any other combination of grains for the second 49%.


To be a rye whiskey, the mash bill must be at least 51% rye. Mash bills vary greatly from rye to rye. Some have as little as 55% rye. Others like Cody Road go all the way to 100% rye. We can do anything in between to suit your tastes.


Scotch and Irish Whisky is made from malted barley. The roasting or smoking of the barley accounts for much of the flavor in scotch. We do not have malted barley at our disposal from local farmers. So we use an unmalted barley. We do have a malt whiskey yeast that creates a very nice flavor similar to an Irish Whisky. But this would still be a unique American take on it.

Want to come up with a mash bill that is all yours? Feel free. You can mix and match the grains and yeasts in any way you choose.


Next we need to select your yeast. The yeast has a significant role to play in the flavor of your whiskey. We can help you choose an appropriate yeast for your project. Here are the three choices.

This yeast is designed for bourbon and rye whiskey production. It imparts a robust flavor of the grain and will leave rich aromas and flavors from the grains. Expect the spice notes of the grains to be a bit stronger and the sweetness to be somewhat subdued compared to the sweet whiskey yeast.

This yeast is designed for a Scotch or Irish Whisky style. Expect the mild barley to be light and smooth with this yeast. Might be an interesting yeast to experiment with non-traditional mash bills.

This is a very vigorous and flavorful yeast. We use this yeast in both Cody Road Rye and Cody Road Bourbon. Expect the sweet and fruity notes from the grain. Delicious for lighter whiskies and shorter aged whiskies.

How you barrel the whiskey and for how long will have a great impact on your final product.

Your whiskey will be age in a new 30 gallon charred oak barrel. These barrels are roughly half the size of a traditional whiskey barrel. That gives the whiskey more wood to interact with so it will grab the oak flavor faster than a traditional barrel. We suggest a minimum of 9-12 months in one of these barrels. You may want your whiskey to attain a much longer age. We suggest checking on your barrel periodically. While longer aged whiskey is always fun, in a smaller barrel the oak can take over. Whiskey has life cycles in the barrel. At first it may taste bitter and charred. In a few months, the sweetness can blossom. A few months later, the oak tannins start to increase. Also, the longer the whiskey is in the barrel, the more you will lose to the “Angels Share” which is what we call the whiskey that evaporates or soaks into the wood. You can expect to lose 2%-3% of the volume of your alcohol per year to the Angels Share. So before you automatically decide on aging your whiskey for eternity, understand that it might be a better whiskey at a younger age than you think. Our whiskies all age 1 year in these barrels. There are 5 char levels that we can put your barrel in. We have tried different char levels and find that a medium char (char level 3) seem to impart the most balanced oak flavor for these smaller barrels. We recommend going with a char 3 barrel, but will be happy to order a different char from the cooperage should you so choose.

The proof at which you barrel and bottle your whiskey will dictate how many bottles you have at the end. If you bottle your whiskey at 80 proof, you can expect about 160 bottles. If you raise the proof, that will give you more alcohol in each bottle and will reduce the number of bottles that come out of your barrel. As a rule of thumb, for each 10 proof you increase the bottling, you’ll have about 20 fewer bottles. We recommend barreling your whiskey about 20 proof higher than you plan to bottle it with a maximum barreling proof of about 120 proof.

Once you have your recipe all nailed down, you will contract the production with us. We will charge $3,000 for the production of your whiskey. This charge is simply for the manufacturing of the whiskey. For legal reasons, the whiskey remains in our possession for the duration of the aging. You will purchase the whiskey from a licensed retailer once it is finished aging and bottled. But during the aging, it is still owned by us and stored on our licensed premises at the distillery.

We will plan to put your whiskey into production within six weeks of your payment. You will receive notice of the mashing and distilling. We will send you pictures and updates of the production via e-mail. Once in aging, we will be able to allow you to periodically taste the whiskey to see if it is ready for bottling. We will need at least 48 hours notice if you want to come check on your barrel so we can pull it out of storage. Remember that the more you check on it, the less you’ll have at the end.


All formulas and labels for spirits sold in America must be approved by the federal government. So while this is your whiskey, it will have to go into a bottle and label that has been pre-approved by the government. We will handle all of that paperwork and filing when the whiskey is produced. This process takes several months. So we will need to know what you want to call your whiskey when we produce it so the label approval can proceed while your whiskey is aging. It will go into a custom labeled bottle that will say, “Mississippi River Distilling Company presents: Joe’s Awesome Whiskey” or whatever you decide to call it. The bottles will have the legal government warning, barcode and batch notes included on each bottle detailing the grain used, the date distilled and who it was commissioned by. They will be hand signed by the distillers.

Once you determine that you would like to pull your whiskey from the barrel and have it bottled, we will schedule a blending and bottling. Your whiskey will all be bottled at the specified proof all at one time. We will not be able to accommodate multiple bottling from the same barrel.

Once the whiskey is bottled, it will be shipped to a licensed distributor who will then deliver it to a licensed retailer. We will set all of this up for your pickup. We prefer to have you pick up the whiskey in the Quad Cities. We do have retailers who would be able to ship your whiskey, but it will be a significant cost to do so.

To pick up your whiskey, you will be charged $3,000. That will be payable to the retailer, not to the distillery. You will receive your empty barrel along with your cases of whiskey. At this point the whiskey is your to do what you choose with.

Have questions that they haven’t answered here? Drop them a line. They’d be happy to discuss your vision for your very own whiskey. You can call the distillery at 563-484-4342 or e-mail

Ryan & Garrett Burchett Owners & Distillers
Mississippi River Distilling Company

Mississippi River Distilling Company

The Perfect Gift For Those Who Don't Give A Flying F*ck. An Expletive Remote Control Helicopter.

How many times have you had to listen to someone drone on and on about something in which you have no interest? Now you can show them you don't give a Flying Fuck with his hilarious Remote Controlled Flying F*ck Helicopter. Made from soft-foam, it's controlled by a two-channel helicopter style flight system.

The actual RC Helicopter does not have a pixelated or blurred letter:

Product Features:
• R/C Helicopter looks like a giant flying F*CK
• Two channel control means the copter always move forward slowly. You control the hover and right and left turns.
• Dual counter-rotating blades give incredible hovering and stability
• Helicopter Charges from Remote
• 7 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time
• Requires 6 AA batteries, not included

video of the RC Helicopter in action:

Via HiConsumption via Materialicious

Also available at novelty stores like gadgets and gear, Think Geek and Spencers Online

Can't Afford An Actual Porsche for Dad? How About One Of These New Items By Porsche Design?

New Watches by Porsche Design:

P´6750 Worldtimer
The mechanical worldtimer displays the time in two different time zones simultaneously. The three hands in the center of the watch show the time zone in which the wearer is currently situated. Two dial openings indicate a reference location of the 24 world time zones and its local time. This second time is displayed synchronously to the watch’s primary time. The reference locations are displayed in the dial opening with a three-letter code. It is particularly simple and convenient to change between the two time zones: By pressing a button, the time at the destination is transmitted immediately to the hour hand - without losing a second.

Rose gold case with two crowns and integrated button. Natural caoutchouc strap with folding clasp in rose gold:


Matte black:

The Worldtimer is available in three models: with a matt-finished or black PVD-coated titanium case or with a matt-finished 18-carat rose gold case [4N]. Titanium is extremely durable and surprisingly light. Because titanium is skin-friendly and non-allergenic, it is very comfortable to wear. Convex, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal; six-screw titanium or rose gold case back affixed with 6 screws with engraving.
Strap: Black, natural caoutchouc strap with folding clasp in titanium or rose gold
Diameter: 45 mm, Height: 16.8 mm, Waterproof up to 100 m


The first chronograph to mechanically enable a digital display of the stopping time in hours and minutes. The INDICATOR is heralding a revolution in timing – it is the only automatic chronograph in the world which is equipped with a mechanical-digital stopwatch display. Total stopwatch time: 9 hours, 59 minutes. The dial and hands are perfectly readable: They are also visible in the dark due to the clear layout and the different luminous coatings on the hands and markings. The case is made of rose gold and PVD-coated titanium. The sapphire glass is scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and embossed. Power reserve display.
Diameter: 49 mm, height: 19.9 mm, Water resistance: up to 50 m

Rose Gold:

Satin finish titanium:

Black PVD:

Porsche Design Goes White

A new collection, a new perspective: Porsche Design White. These striking and attractive products are characterized by a clear, streamlined form. Exclusive accessories in pure white. A color that effectively highlights the functional design. Products made of the finest materials:

The P´9521 mobile phone in aluminum:

the P´3410 cuff links are accented with brilliant white gems:

or the P´8458 sunglasses are made of titanium with unbreakable polycarbonate lenses:

Discover these and other extraordinary products available May 2008 at all Porsche Design Stores.

New Porsche Optical:
Once again, Porsche Design and Rodenstock have collaborated to create an extraordinary collection of innovative designer glasses. Every pair is constructed of the finest quality materials and inspired by modern technology.

The P´8802 Reading Tool in titanium, awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2008:

The phototropic lenses offer reading comfort and protection from the sun. In addition selected sunglasses with POLARIZED lenses are available. These lenses feature a special filter which reduces annoying glare to a minimum. Take a look at the new Rodenstock collection from Porsche Design.

Also, coming this fall, the very first Men's Fragrance by Porsche: Essence

from the press release:
Porsche Design launches its first men's fragrance range consisting of eight products. The range will go on sale from fall 2008 in Porsche Design Stores and via Clarins Group distribution channels. The new men's fragrance range allows Porsche Design to expand its range of classic gentlemen’s accessories which already includes items such as watches, sunglasses, luggage, sports and fashion collections, as well as electronic goods. The core product is an eau de toilette which will be available in three different versions. An aftershave lotion, aftershave balm, a hair and body shampoo and two deodorants in stick and spray form complete the range.

The new fragrance, with its striking cold metallic accords and warm woody tones, is characterized by three strong contrasting elements. The first contact is identified by an intensive top note of penetrating freshness and coolness, borne by a molecule called “arctical” which was developed specially for the new men’s fragrance. The sharpness which they engender is then subdued by the sensation of aromatic myrtle and juniper notes which follow on behind it. Spicy black pepper with a hint of Russian coriander leaves and Siberian pine provide a further contrast to the cold metallic accords. Warm, woody patchouli and balsam fir notes provide the third companion to the icy prelude. These are underlined by a delicate nuance of frankincense.

The fragrance bottle designed by Porsche Design Studio is a glacier-blue, frosted glass prism with captivating purist architecture. The glass prism is contained within a protecting brushed, black, anodized aluminum frame. The light character of the fragrance is emphasized by the color blue, a symbol of freshness and naturalness. The black aluminum used for the frame provides an exciting contrast. Porsche Design thus remains true to its distinctive design vocabulary and once again puts its faith in the use of challenging materials.
Look for Essence products to be available at Porsche Design Stores this fall.

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