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Squishy Cushy Holder for Your iPad. Introducing the TyPillow.

The TyPillow is a throw pillow especially designed to snuggly hold your Apple iPad2 and conform to the shape of your lap, head or surface.

The microsuede 17" square cushion designed by Accessory Workshop has a special micro bead filling that adjusts for a contoured fit.

The pillow is priced at $34.95 and ships worldwide in approximately 3-5 days.
Buy the TyPillow here

From Flat To Flux. A Modern Folding Chair.

It's hard to find a lot of nice options in modern design when it comes to folding chairs. Enter the Flux Chair, a stylish foldable design lounger made of polypropylene. As a matter of fact, the Flux was awarded the UK's Grand Designs Product of the Year Award in 2011.

The Flux Chair transforms from a flat package with a built-in handle into a modern looking chair and back again in minutes. Available in eight different colors, the chair has seating pads especially designed for it available in four colors making varied combinations and looks possible.

The chair looks stylish, is durable, easy to clean and care for and is at home indoors or out.

Wanna see how many Flux chairs fit into a MINI Countryman? Check this out:

A short history of flexible design :
Over the course of history, from the age of the Egyptians up to that of Napoleon, a folding chair has always been seen as an object of status and beauty. In recent times this focus has shifted. This is a pity; especially in today’s world the concept of folding has so much to offer!

above: Flux founder Douwe Jacobs and industrial designer Tom Schouten

"A folding chair not only saves valuable floor space and makes moving a breeze, more importantly it allows you to sit down wherever you like. The beach, the park, you name it! Add to that the fact that it’s easy to send by mail, and thus drastically reducing CO2 emissions when transported efficiently in bulk, and you can see why in a modern world foldable furniture is as relevant as it ever was.

Keeping this in mind and being inspired by folded paper sculptures, I folded a tiny, elegant, paper scale model of a chair. Even though it was just a simple cut-out from a single sheet of paper, it was surprisingly strong. And even better: it didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before!

Early 2009, I and fellow industrial designer Tom Schouten founded our company. We called it Flux, referring to change and the words flexible and luxury. Since then, we have put all our energy into turning this small paper model into our first fully-fledged flexible design: the Flux Chair.

Our goal is to create a new generation of furniture and associated living items; so stay tuned for more flexible designs from Flux!" -- Douwe Jacobs, Founder/Inventor of Flux

Material: polypropylene
Dimensions: Centimeters: 64 x 62 x 85. Inches: 25.2 x 24.4 x 33.5 envelop: LWH cm: 1,5 x 85 x 77. Inches: 0.6 x 33.5 x 30.3

• Buy the Flux chair in several colors and the Flux cushions here at Adelbrook

• and here at Yliving.

• or here (white only with anthracite cushion)

SODA - Modern Furniture Design from Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner

above: the Lester leather indoor deck chair by SODA design.

Design studio SODA Design, based in Vienna, is comprised of Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner, who met studying Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the ENSCI/Les Ateliers in Paris.

They have created tailored, elegant products for such respected and well-known brands as Ligne Roset, MDF Italia, Rapsel spa and Wittman and have garnered numerous awards, nominations and exhibitions for their work.

What intially caught my eye was their stunning leather tufted deck chair and matching ottoman, The Lester — a deckchair for indoor-use with fine leather upholstery produced by Wittmann M√∂belwerkst√§tten.

So, I looked into them a little more and found they have have a project portfolio worth sharing.

Two of their most recent projects:

The SO chair presented at SALONE DEL MOBILE 09 at LIGNE-ROSET, and the ARNE bathtub nominated for ELLE DECO International Design Awards

Other projects:

Dorian Mirror/hanger:

Leather indoor raft (prototype):

The Lester with leather raft and leather innertube prototypes:

The Tavolino side table/magazine holder:

Salt and Pepe - Magnetic Salt and Pepper shakers:

The Rondo chair:

The Lux - an illuminated bar table:

The York leather sofa:

About the designers:

Coming from the different professional backgrounds of carpentry and gold/silversmith, the common interest that lead to their working together was the taking up of challenging design projects. With teaching experience from the NDC/Kingston University and work experience at Sottsass Associati and Paolo Rizzatto in Milan, Philips Design Vienna/ Singapore and SAGEM, Soda Designers are now based in Vienna and are engaged in a variety of projects covering furniture, consumer-electronics and interior design.

SODA Design

Nada Nasrallah & Christian Horner
Liniengasse 18, 1060 Wien, Austria
tel +4369919458281 / +4369919458282 fax +4319458281

What You Will & Won't See Of Marcel Wanders' Christmas Collection For Target

You may have already heard about, or seen, the 2009 Holiday collection for Target by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. A designer with a sense of whimsy, excellent taste and style (and easy on the eyes to boot), I have blogged about him four times before, including his gorgeous Christmas collection and displays for the Dutch department store, Bijenkorf from last year.

This year, he lends his Christmas designs to Target. In his own words, here's the directive from the United States chain of stores: The brief asked for a modern and unexpected "Wanders" twist to the traditional holiday giving season. The concept behind the collection, "It's A Gift To Give" resulted in a holiday collection that reinterprets classic icons and plays with charming patterns, festive decorations, and distinctive designs with flair and style that will surprise and amaze guests all over the U.S., making it enjoyable to be the gifter or giftee.

But it's what you don't see at Target that is really spectacular. In addition to the items in the collection, I'm going to share with you some of his prototype designs for Target from his Inspiration Book. I'm also going to show you some of his sketches, fun 'extras' and photos of his work, some of which combine several of his pieces for Target with some of his pieces for Moooi and Droog.

What You Will See At Target:
First, the products that were produced and are presently being sold at Target consist of wrapping paper, a bell wreath and bell tree, flocked stockings and tree skirt, tableware, disposable tableware, pillar candles, some bar ware, a few vases, a teddy bear with light-up nose and a few other attractive, but inexpensive pieces of festive decor:

Shop for the above items and more from the collection at Target here.

When shopping online at Target, the Marcel Wanders collection, while appealing, is not incredibly impressive. The simple products on white backgrounds don't do the work of Mr. Wanders justice. For example, the products for Target, when placed against his signature flourishes, backgrounds and patterns in the four images below, take on a greater festive significance and style:

That's where his "Inspiration Book", a 314 page online flip catalog created by the Marcel Wanders Design Studio and Culture & Commerce. comes in. It is from this catalog that all of the following images come.

What You Won't See At Target:

Temporary lip tattoo:

Pattern Paint:

Helium Filled Flying Balloon Netted Chair designed to fly over the North Pole during Summer:

Faces Of The World Ornament:


Still lives of his products for Target combined with his products for Droog, Mooi, Habitat and from his personal collections:

Pages from his sketchbook of Target products:

Rejected By Santa:

The Use... And Misuse Of Products:

The Marcel Wanders Paper Doll:

A special Christmas Edition of his VIP Chair produced by Moooi for Santa:

This is just a small sampling of the fun, inspiration and design process behind the Marcel Wander Collection for Target. There is so much more to enjoy, like I said, the Inspiration Book is 314 pages. See more here.

More Marcel Wanders:

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Marcel Wanders For Holland Electro: WOW

Marcel Wanders' Carpets For Colorline: World Carpets & Tartan Collections

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