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Kooldog House, A Contemporary and Stylish Indoor Home
and Crate For Your Contemporary and Stylish Dog.

The Kooldog house is about as contemporary as an indoor dog house gets. A simple modern shape in two sizes that has various choices of wood laminate finishes, washable micro suede covered foam cushions in three different neutral colors and the option of a crate door.

Comfortable for your pet and fashionable for your home décor, the patent pending Kooldog House is made of durable powder coated metal that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.

Stylish and sleek, it provides a cozy home for your dog with a simple silhouette that fits in any style home.

Wood laminate veneers are available in Madagascar, Colombian Walnut or River Cherry and the cushions come in taupe, camel or natural. You can mix and match the laminates and cushions any way you choose. The images below are just some options.

Colombian Walnut with Camel cushion:

River Cherry with Natural Cushion:

Madagascar and taupe cushion:

With the optional gate:

Requires simple assembly (Instruction Sheet Included) No tools required (Approx. 5 Min.)

shop for these and more at


Fabulous Finds for The Fancy Feline. Modern Beds and Bowls to Meow for.

If you've got both a cat and a sense of style, H.J. Mews has the feline furniture and feeding bowl for you.

Carrying some of the most modern and stylish cat pods and beds (some of which I've blogged about in the past) and an array of well-designed feeding bowls, H.J. Mews was initially launched in 1920 in New York.

The H.J. Mews Bespoke Kitten Boutique quickly gained a reputation for selling the highest quality in cat furniture, accessories, and toys on the market. H.J’s discerning tastes and dedication to his clientele made the store a hit and has provided a livelihood for six generations to come.

Cat Beds, Pods, Loungers and Cool places for kitties to hang out.

The Canopy Lounge:
This mid century modern cat lounge by CanopyStudio is constructed of a bent walnut plywood shell with a removable upholstered cushion and solid walnut legs.

Rare earth magnets are embedded in the bent plywood shell, which secure the upholstered cushion to the piece while still allowing it to be removed or swapped out easily. The durable and claw resistant upholstery fabric is imported from Denmark.

Below are 3 multi-functional loungers crafted of maple ply and industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Couchette:

The Prrrounge:

The Kittypod:

Below are 2 more multi-functional pods crafted of industrial strength cardboard by Elizabeth Paige Smith.

The Geodome:

The Mini:

Curve, a wall mountable curved wood cat bed in walnut or maple by Akemi Tanaka:

Floor Feeders, Wall-Mountable Feeders and Bowls

Big Bend Bowls by Maya Khaira in birch and maple:

Smorgasbord faux bois white resin bowl holders and bowl by Luke Wong:

Series 3 Cherry and Walnut wall-mountable cat feeders by Vurv Designs:

There are many more wonderful items for kittens and cats at H.J. Mews, be sure to check them out.

How About A Green House For Your Dog or Cat? Modern Indoor Kennels / Planters.

The Kokon Kennel and the K-Bannette Kennel are indoor homes for small pets that are modern, ecologically friendly and double as decorative planters for flowers and greens. Created by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier of Pousse Creative, the small pet homes can function as stylish modern hideways for dogs and cats or as litter boxes hidden from view. They come with flower pots or planters in the top and a comfy pillow. A plastic tub can easily be inserted to hold kitty litter.

A Hip Eco-Friendly Hammock For Dogs (or cats) From Pet Lounge Studios.

Well, since I blogged about a hammock for cats awhile back (shown below) , it's only fair that I give equal press to this one for dogs (although cats can use it, too).

above: the Cat Hammock Coffee Table Combo

The Bambu Pet Hammock (patented) by Corey Drew, designer and founder of Pet Lounge Studios, is an eco-friendly pet bed made with an exotic strand bamboo material, which has the look of a cross between teak and rich mahogany.

The sling-like cushion is secured with stainless steel anchors and carabineers. One of the additional bonuses of the stretched cushion is that it will help relieve the pressure points often associated with arthritis in pets.

The washable cushion is made with upholstery grade ultra-suede and is also reversible. The supporting canvas has minimal stretch and is designed for pets up to 30lbs in weight.

Frame: 34"L x 25"W x 8"H
Cushion: 27"L x 21"W x 1"H

Pet Lounge Studios is using the Kickstarter forum as a way to launch the Bambu Pet Hammock and an elevated diner they also make at a special price.

Bambu Hammock Retail Price: $169.99 plus shipping
Kickstarter Price: $125.00 plus free shipping
(within the Continential United States)

Bambu Diner Retail Price: $99.99 plus shipping
Kickstarter Price: $65.00 plus free shipping
(within the Continential United States)

Bambu Hammock and Diner Retail Price: $249.98 plus shipping
Kickstarter Price: $190.00 plus free shipping
(within the Continential United States)

The Transport Series. Furnishings & A Pet Bed Inspired By 20th Century Vehicles.

above: The Wallace Pet bed designed by AvroKO can be used as storage, too

Manhattan based AvroKO is a full service integrated design and concept firm that develops environments, lifestyle brands and products. Retail store design, hotel design and restaurant interiors are just a few of their many disciplines. Their own initiated projects include such hip New York eateries as Public and The Stanton Social, and hotel designs for the Starwood group to name a few.

above: the four principals at AvroKO; Greg Bradshaw, William Harris, Kristina O'Neal and Adam Farmerie

But amongst the talented group's designs lies a small line of furniture called The Transport Series. The collection was inspired by cars and motorcycles from the early 20th century and includes a lounge chair and ottoman, a desk lamp, an adjustable table, a stool and even a pet bed, most crafted of cold-rolled steel, walnut wood and leather.

Sophisticated and clubby, with industrial touches from the Machine Age, the furnishings are simultaneously masculine and elegant.

Inquire about The Transport Series here

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