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The Monster Chair For Moooi by Marcel Wanders

A stylish puffy quilted black synthetic leather chair available with or without a fabulous "monster face" sewn into the back. The chair, originally designed in 2010 for Moooi by designer Marcel Wanders is part of a family of seating from Moooi designed by Wanders and comes in two styles, one with a flared and rounded back:

Or in a simple squared off back (shown without the monster face):

Here you can see both styles in situ in the Andaz Hotel dining room:

The chairs have a steel frame, fire retardant synthetic leather upholstery and have been subjected to an abrasion test of >50.000 rubs.

above: Marcel's sketches for the chair

The Monster chair was joined by the Monster barstools in two heights in 2011 and the Boutique Sofa, but neither appears to be available with the whimsical monster face.

On Wanders own site he shows a Monster Pillow (below), but I believe that was never produced:

Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders' Carpets For Colorline: World Carpets & Tartan Collections

In 2006 Colorline first cooperated with Marcel in designing the floor carpet for the MOOOI stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Afterwards together they developed several carpets for the MOOOI brand. This successful cooperation resulted in many new joint projects, including the World Carpets Collection and the recently released Tartan Collection.


Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has been inspired by different patterns from cultures all over the world. He combined several of these to create some remarkable new and attractive patterns that he used for rug designs for Colorline of the Netherlands.

The patterns are characterized by large elegant figures in which you can see depth, because the several patterns have been projected on each other. Three examples of these layered patterns are shown below:

Next to the basic patterns, Marcel created several color schemes, three examples of which are shown below.

Every color scheme consists of 4 different colors; every carpet with a width of 4 meters has 4 different colors of 1 meter each. The use of several colors in one carpet creates a special effect, especially for large surfaces.

Below are some examples of the results of combining the layered patterns with various color schemes:

For each application and atmosphere there is a color scheme in the program. Each color scheme has 2 alternatives A and B with a width of 4 meters. You can also choose for a combination of A and B to create a color scheme with a width of 8 meter.

With the sample generator found here and shown above, you can create your own samples for order by choosing patterns and color combination.

In addition to the World Carpets for Colorline, Marcel has recently created yet another line, the Tartan, for Colorline.

After the successful introduction of the project flooring line shown above called "World Carpets", Marcel Wanders and Colorline are introducing a brand new tile collection, named Tartan.

The collection has four individual characters that can be mixed into a beautiful composition of geometric lines, flowers and tartan. By mixing the four individual characters of the tiles it is possible to create separate spaces into every room:

See the Tartan Tile site here.

• See Marcel's Biscayne Bay, Miami Luxury Apartments here.
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• And you must see Marcel's collection for Holland Electro here.

Funky Find of the Week:
Moooi's Animal Furniture

Sing it with me everyone....Old MacDonald Had A Cool House....
Horse lamp, bunny lamp  and pig table!

Created Specifically for Front Design by Moooi, these fun “Animal things” are a sight to behold.

Horse lamp, Pig tray and Rabbit lamp

Who wouldn't want a horse to lighten up your living room and a pig to serve your guests?
Furniture to fall in love with at first sight, or hate forever.

Designed by Front Design for Moooi

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