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Kit Kat's Tribute To Lego

Kit Kat continues to engage people and set social media sites abuzz with their fun guerilla marketing projects. Their latest is a tribute to Lego. They created their own unofficial Lego Kit Kat kit, if you will, to encourage people to "Build Their Own Break"- a play on the candy's long time tagline. The boxed set is numbered 27325 and has been named #LEGOKITKAT.

Kit Kat Lego 3 IIHIH

Yesterday, they sent the following press release to Lego brick fans and sites:
Here at KIT KAT we are huge fans of LEGO. Because nobody is better at building a great break than LEGO, except for us maybe. So during one of our occupational breaks we came up with the idea of a KIT KAT entirely made of LEGO bricks.

We call the result simply #LegoKITKAT and it comes with a lot of authentic details: the KIT KAT logo, a red wrapper, four chocolate fingers, layers of wafer and even a snapping sound when you break it! And even though we don´t really expect #LegoKITKAT to hit the shops anytime soon, we gave it a stylish box anyway. But the best bit about it: everyone can build his very own perfect break from it. Introducing Lego KIT KAT with more than 1 million in 1 breaks.

Go build your own break – A tribute to Lego. Have a break, have a Lego KIT KAT.

all images courtesy of Kit Kat

Advertising Agency: JWT Group Germany, Frankfurt, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Mark Karatas
Copywriter: Carsten Bug
Junior Copywriter: Haiko Hörnig
Art Director: Kathrin Waschek
Junior Art Directors: Andreas Villing, Oliver Wohlfarth
Packaging Design: Heike Konsek
Account Manager: Alexander Hempel
Production: Fabian Schrader

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