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Every Single Official Oscar Poster Since 1960.

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Here are all of the Official Academy Awards Posters from 1960 through 2014. Although the Oscars go back 85 years, they didn't begin producing promotional posters until 1960. You may have seen others, but these are the "official" posters as stated by The Academy.  As you can see, some are hideous and others are beautiful, and all are incredibly inconsistent.

You will notice how they sometimes refer to the awards show as the Academy Awards, and at other times, The Oscars. Sometimes they mention the year, sometimes the number. Occasionally the date is added and at other times, the times of the telecast. They first added the website (.com) to the posters in 2005 and since then used that sporadically. Once in awhile the poster will feature the host. In 2006, the 78th Academy awards, they ran two different posters (the female and the male clutching the statuette) and this year they have also released two different posters.

Below are all 54 in chronological order beginning with the first in 1960. Enjoy!

Last year, for the 85th annual Academy Awards show, the most beautiful unofficial poster received much attention and rightly so. I even wrote a blog post on that stunning poster by Olly Moss so one could see the details. Check out the Olly Moss 85th Oscar Poster here

And this year they have two official posters for the 86th Annual Academy Awards. One named "liquid", the other, "Spotlight":

And, most recently added:

And there you have it. The 54 (actually 55 with the new Ellen one) Official Oscar Posters to date.

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