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100% Natural Hand-Crafted Wood Watches From JORD.

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Wristwatches so often fall into two distinct categories: High-end titanium, ceramic, stainless and gold watches that cost a fortune or cheap plastic, rubber and metal trendy watches. Finally, there's an alternative and it's perfect todays' fashionable yet eco-conscious consumer: premium timepieces hand-crafted from natural woods in multiple styles suitable for men and women.

delmar series maple IIHIH ELY SERIES in maple IIHIH Jord watches on people IIHIH

The first automatic watches made from 100% natural wood, JORD puts an immense amount of time and effort into manufacturing automatic mechanical movements combined with styles that don't look too earthy, too crafty or too chunky. Surprisingly streamlined and hip looking, the watches come in a variety of woods such as maple, cherry and bamboo as well as in a variety of styles. Wood frames, bezels and bracelets are coupled with hardened, scratch-proof glass, hidden stainless steel butterfly clasps, stainless, carbon fiber or wood faces, open skeletal faces and date windows.

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Details such as the initialed crown, the engraved back, the packaging and even the little wood hang tag are a testament to the impeccable attention to detail found in their products.

JORD crown detail IIHIH

Ranging from $120 -$249, JORD watches would make excellent gifts for Mother's day or Father's day - or just for yourself. I love my Fieldcrest in Green bamboo and get compliments on it daily.

JORD Fieldcrest Green watch photo by lauralsweet
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The JORD Limited Edition Series
To add to their collection of wood watches, the JORD team has designed and developed a full line of watches that we call the JORD Limited Edition Series. All of the JORD Limited Edition models will be equipped with 20+ Jewel automatic movements. Our perpetual movements provide our customers with the accuracy and durability they demand in their everyday lives.

94A SERIES in Natural Green & Maple or Chocolate with etched metallic face ($159): JORD 94A green maple IIHIH 94a-5-back-IIHIH

746 SERIES with open skeletal face and movement in black or chocolate. The 746 has 60+ individual pieces of wood making up the band. ($249): JORD 746 Series wood watch IIHIH 746- back IIHIH 746-15-back-angled IIHIH JORD 746 customer photo
above photo by customer Steffen Melsen Bra√ľner

DELMAR SERIES with slick carbon fiber faces in various woods and colors ($149) delmar series red IIHIH delmar-21-back- IIHIH

SULLY SERIES with contrasting woods, various faces and luminescent hands ($139) Sully SERIES in cherry and maple IIHIH sully-back-angled

ELY SERIES in a compact, smaller face design with a date window. Available in various woods ($129) ELY series in cherry IIHIH ely-back-angled

FIELDCREST SERIES in a unisex size with various wood options ($120) JORD fieldcrest wood IIHIH fieldcrest-back-angled

How Does an Automatic Mechanically Driven Watch Work?

An Automatic mechanical watch is powered by an internal mainspring that is wound automatically as a result of natural motion of the wearer's arm. The eccentric weight (the rotor) pivots on its staff that is attached to a ratcheted winding mechanism. The movement provides the energy necessary to have the JORD watch function properly. The automatic watch movement has surpassed other mechanical movements and made the manual winding watches unnecessary or obsolete.

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