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Edible Instagrams! Your Pics On A Marshmallow Are A Sweet Idea from Boomf.

Thanks to my friend Scott, I now know that London company Boomf has come up with the idea of printing your Instagram photos on sweet, squishy completely edible marshmallows!

Each Boomf is a 24 calorie bite-sized 4cm by 4cm square treat printed with edible ink that will last for 6 months in their packaging or 3-5 days once opened. They come nine to a box for £12 (approximately $20) and shipping, even worldwide, is free.

Easy to do. Just log onto Instagram through their site here. Pick 9 photos from your own (or your followers) and they drop through your letterbox... Voila! They'll be sent to your address in a few weeks.

Nicely packaged, they make great gifts for friends, clients and promotional ideas as well:

So, who is behind Boomf?
Boomf is owned 45% by James Middleton, 45% by Mint Digital and 10% by Steve Finan. James is the entrepreneur behind Nice Cakes. Mint Digital is a digital product studio based in London. Other Mint products include Desk Beers, Projecteo, and, until it was recently acquired, StickyGram.

The team on Boomf (shown below) is: Andy Bell, James 'Secret Squirrel' Middleton, Andrew 'Iggy' Hilton, Matt Piwowarski, Chara Oikonomidou, the Mint army, Jelmer Snoeck and Sandeep Gill.

Made of Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, dextrose, maize starch, acidulant: lactic acid, natural vanilla flavouring. Colouring may contain all or some of the following: water, humectant E442, E102, E122, E133, acidifier E330, preservative E202.

Boomf are gluten free. They are made in a kitchen that uses nuts. The gelatine is porcine, so they are not suitable for vegetarians and they are not halal or kosher.

all images and info courtesy of Boomf Magic Mallows.

Shipping Info:
Boomf ships free, worldwide! Price everywhere is £12 (approximately $20).

Estimated delivery time:
UK - 2-3 days
Europe - 1 week
USA, Canada and Rest of World - 2-3 weeks

Go ahead and give it a try here

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