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Chocolate Moustaches On A Stick. Mr. Chocolate Is A Sweet Combination of Great Product, Great Packaging and Great Photographs.

MR. CHOCOLATE is an imaginative and yummy new product from The Chocolate Factory. The 6 different flavor options  (Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange and  White chocolate) in 4 different styles give you 24 ways to sport (and eat) a new 'stache.

The fun molded chocolate moustaches were designed by Diego Ramos of Spain and come in fabulous award-winning packaging created by Ruiz + Company.

The wonderful shots of people with the product shown here were taken by photographer Caterina Barjau.

Flavors: Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Caramel. Strawberry. Orange. White chocolate.
Chocolate weight: Min. 20 g / Max. 55 g
Made with chocolate from Ghana

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