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Dressing Up Dogs For Halloween Is Mean. And Here's A Really Good One For Only $14.

I'm really not a fan of putting dogs in clothes - ever. I think it demeans the dog AND the owner and both end up looking ridock. That said, Halloween is one of the few times I can stomach canines in costume. And for my own little monster, headgear only.

above: Last year I made my own dog, Indie, wear devil horns and now there's a special place in hell for me.

So, you can imagine my joy at finding this little beauty. For only $14, here's a slightly respectable way to turn your four-legged furry companion- of any size-  into a an extinct reptile for All Hallow's Eve.

* X-small: 8"l; 12-16" chest
* Small: 12"l; 16-20" chest
* Medium: 16"l; 20-24" chest
* Large: 20"l; 24-28" chest

available online only. $14. Shop for it here

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.