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The Street Art Easter Eggs That Would be Perfect For Banksy. Or Any Graffiti Fan.

So, what would be the perfect Easter Egg for Banksy? Definitely one of the Edible Easter Eggs from this collection of Street Art Easter chocolates from Paris-based Jadis et Gourmande.

Chocolate Moustaches On A Stick. Mr. Chocolate Is A Sweet Combination of Great Product, Great Packaging and Great Photographs.

MR. CHOCOLATE is an imaginative and yummy new product from The Chocolate Factory. The 6 different flavor options  (Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange and  White chocolate) in 4 different styles give you 24 ways to sport (and eat) a new 'stache.

The fun molded chocolate moustaches were designed by Diego Ramos of Spain and come in fabulous award-winning packaging created by Ruiz + Company.

The wonderful shots of people with the product shown here were taken by photographer Caterina Barjau.

Flavors: Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Caramel. Strawberry. Orange. White chocolate.
Chocolate weight: Min. 20 g / Max. 55 g
Made with chocolate from Ghana

Buy on-line at Chocolate Factory

Cadbury Creates An Entirely Edible Chocolate Version Of Their Google + Page.

On Mar 26th, 2012 Cadbury UK built a 100% edible, chocolate version of their Google+ Page.

above image composite by laura sweet

The construction and details of the edible Google+ page is shown through the following photos.

First, layers of Cadbury Dream and Dairy Milk chocolate were applied to a base of Dairy Milk bars:

Edible inks were printed onto sugar paper to create detailed replicas of the Page’s buttons and photos of fans.

Pieces were adhered using liquid Dairy Milk as a kind of glue. Text was applied by hand with edible ink.

The company invited followers to chime in and watch live as the finishing touches were applied through a Google+ Hangout.

It lasted a week in their office but the +Google UK team finally gave in and devoured the finished page (shown shrinkwrapped below).

images courtesy of Cadbury UK's site and Facebook page.

Cadbury UK

A Sweet Treat For Control Freaks. Chocri Custom Organic Exotic Chocolate Bars.

No, I'm not talking about just adding your own label or uploading a picture to the wrapper. I'm talking about truly creating your own chocolate bars from scratch.

above: three examples of possible options for your own created chocolate bars

chocri is a German startup, founded in September 2008, but launched in the US in January 2010. What they do is we allow you to customize your own chocolate bar right on their website.

You start with an organic Belgian chocolate base of milk, white or dark chocolate and then choose from a selection of over 100 of gourmet, organic and exotic ingredients (fruit, grains, nuts, spices, confections and decor).

If you don't know anything about ingredients, they also offer many recommended combinations and options to make the selection simple.

Once you've chosen or built your bar, you can name it (they print the name and the ingredients on the package), and then they hand-make the bars in Germany and ship them off to you.

From bacon to blueberries, pretzels to pecans, you can be as adventurous or as safe as you'd like. I made three to test them out (shown below).

One was dark chocolate with real orange bits and orange chocolate drops, another was milk chocolate, pecans and toffee and the third was milk chocolate with organic salted pretzels and caramel chocolate drops. And yes, they are, er.... were, delicious.

So, how do you do it?
You start with your choice of milk, white or dark chocolate as the base:

Then you are walked through the process to choose as many or as few additives as you wish from the following options (click on each image below to enlarge):

Choose your fruit:

Your spices:

Your nuts:

Your confections:

Your decor:

Your grains:

There's no minimum. You can choose to make one bar or one hundred bars. Once you've selected your ingredients for your chocolate bar(s), they print the name you choose and the ingredients on the individual package, then ship them right to your door.

They use only the best ingredients, such as organic, fair trade chocolate from Belgium. Making them even more delicious is the fact that they also donate a percentage of otheir revenues to DIV Kinder, an organization that supports children at the Ivory Coast, and you are free to add your own donation at checkout.

above: the Chocri team

What are you waiting for? With Easter and Mother's Day right around the corner, these would make awesome gifts.
Get started here.

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