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A Sneak Peek At The Forthcoming 2013 Line Of High End Analog Turntables by Phonotikal.

Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming collection of modern luxury analog turntables from Phonotikal. Using materials such as steel, wood, aluminum, and introducing new, more streamlined silhouettes, the 2013 collection has finishes such as gold, and new colors like neon green and bright orange.

Phonitkal is a small family company that builds high end turntables. The hobby of an audiophile father, former drummer and sound designer who has teamed up with the designer's son. They design and create their own unique turntables. The result is a collection of hand-mounted turntables assembled with components of the highest quality. The chassis is manufactured with the latest technology in the Czech Republic.

Their present models of turntables are stunning, as you can see over at Homecrux. But what's coming in 2013 is even more beautiful.


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