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Keramos Modular Furniture Is A Collaboration Between Adrianos Design and La Castellamonte And Is The First Product From CoProdotto.

KERAMOS is a collaboration between Adriano Design and La Castellamonte, known for their ceramic stove production and keeper of the ancient tradition of Castellamonte, dating back to 13th century.

Having worked together before, Adriano Design created Stack Stoves for La Castellamonte. Now, together, they've collaborated for CoProdotto, a new business model from Adriano Design which innovates starting from self-produced design and is a new formula for the production of small series in partnership between those who conceive and communicate the product and those who make it, along with global distribution.

From the uniqueness of the production process and the La Castellamonte products, Adriano Design conceived a modular ceramic container / cabinet. Through careful research and thoughtful design, they developed an innovative and distinctive system of ceramic modules fastened with wooden elements, creating pieces of furniture with unique features.

KERAMOS is a rounded corner container with a ceramic shell which makes it immediately recognizable. The pieces are reminiscent of historical terracotta jars which preserved contents over long periods of time. KERAMOS is a special, not ordinary, piece of furniture, a container of precious things which needs to be preserved more than contained.


Produced in 99 numbered pieces, KERAMOS is signed and provided with a certificate signed below by the designers and the producers.

CoProdotto is a brand by Adriano Design

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