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Brilliant Ad for Nighttime Bus Service Shows The Ugly Side of Partying.

Ever wonder how you appear to other people when you're drunk? It's not pretty as this inventive and interactive spot for Movia, a Danish nighttime bus service shows you.

A girl sipping a cocktail is feeling pretty fierce:

Mouseover her and she's not quite as glamorous:

The Byturen spot from the Copenhagen ad agency Bocca is a compelling interactive video which uses a special effect to emphasize how different one appears and behaves when they are drinking and suggests taking the bus home at night rather than driving.

The video is double layered and interactive. It shows a typical youthful night out, drinking and dancing, flirting and frolicking. But move your mouse over the video and the ugly truth is revealed.

Primping in the ladies room:

Mouseover it and you'll see she's having a fashion faux pas:

Sloppy drunk young men and women look skanky, urinate on the floor and behave very unattractively when you pass your mouse over the movie.

Taking a leak:

Mouseover him and you'll see he's missed his target by a longshot:

The copy at the end of the spot asks: “Is it time to get home?” at which point we see our main characters riding the bus home - undoubtedly much to the relief of sober drivers on the road.

The interactive site is no longer up, so here's a version of the video with the mouseover being done for you:

Advertising Agency: Bocca, Coppenhagen, Denmark
Art Director: Lisbet Krøll
Copywriter: Ulrik Søby
Director: Adam Bonke
Photographer: Adam Wallensten
Production Design: Emil Walter
Sound design: David Stubbe Teglbjærg
Music: Upright Music
Stylist: Lea Sonne
Production Company: NobodyCph
Client: Movia
Campaign: “Is it time to get home?”
Date: 2011

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