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The Ravenscroft Desk by Leonhard Pfeifer

above: The Ravenscroft Desk at the Museum of Modern Art, Estonia

Characterized by functionality, essential form and purity of materials, the Ravenscroft desk was designed to look striking from any angle so it could sit in the middle of a room instead of pushed up against a wall.

Conceived by London furniture designer Leonhard Pfeifer, the desk has a wide worktop that finishes in angled nooks, creating handy filing compartments for paperwork, while the raised rear surface is ideal for auxiliary monitors. Pfeifer included a low shelf for power transformers and external hard drives, integrating technology into the form.

Ravenscroft is produced in Europe by furniture brand Woodman in Oak with contrasting Walnut partitions. The desk launched at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris last week (9-13 September 2011).

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