35 Graphic Design Posters by Vahram Muratyan Compare Paris With New York.

Art Director and Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan compares Paris to New York with a series of beautifully designed graphic art posters.

Playfully pitting the two metropolitan cities against one another visually - fashion, film, food, transportation, drink, art, sports, venues and cultural icons are placed side by side or top to bottom in a minimalist style of illustration accented with retro-style typography.

I don't know whether to exclaim "Ooh La La" or "Fuck, yeah!"

Several of the above prints (not all of them) are available for purchase ($24) at Society 6.

Learn more at his blog.


watches reviews said...

nice graphics!

at start they seems poor, but hey there is lot of quality there!
the image with the hands the watch and the heart is amazing!

Grace | employment posters said...

Nice comparison of Paris and New York. Both are beautiful and a must-visit place! The graphics are excellent; I can’t find any flaws with the posters.

Keith Barraclough said...

Really a great comparison of Paris and New York. You have done really a awesome job. I like your collection very much. Thanks a lot for sharing !!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.