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Burlesque, Brooklyn, Roller Derby and Realism. The Paintings of Curt Hoppe.

above: Dottie's Birthday, oil on linen,64" x 56"

With a keen eye for composition, a deft hand for realism, and an inherent knack for finding interesting subject matter, painter Curt Hoppe immortalizes his surroundings, people and objects in an impressive and aesthetically captivating style with acrylic and oil paints on canvas and linen.

Hot Copy:

The Hustler, Money Shot:


Born and raised in Minnesota, the 61 year old New York based painter is also a talented photographer and sculptor. Citing pop culture, Madison Avenue and politics and some of his influences, he is moved by his obsession at the moment and his environment.*

above left: the artist sits under a painting of his in Sam's Restaurant, East Hampton and above right; striking a pose (on the far left) under the John Jovino Gun store in 1975

Roller Derby Queens, the Hamptons, Burlesque, the Punk music scene, New York restaurants and portraits are amongst his intriguing repertoire. Here are just a few of my favorite paintings of his.

John Gotti on Mulberry Street:

Luna Restuarant, Mulberry Street, New York

Yonak Shimmel Knish Bakery, New York:

Sip n' Soda, South Hampton:

John Jovino, Firearms on Baxter Street:

Grotta Azzura, Little Italy:


Coney Island Fire Eater:

Baby Ruthless:

Lux Alptram (aka Joey Hardcore XXX) Gotham Girl Queens of Pain:

Sugar Smack Gotham Girls:

Suzy Hot Rod Changes Wheels:

Suzy Hotrod:

Italian American:

Eye Opener:

You Wish:

Lou's Game:

High Heels:

High Heels (in Curt's studio):

Gal Friday in Curt's studio:

Recent work of Curt's shows the subjects standing in front of their portraits:

above: Clayton Patterson, acrylic on canvas 96" x 70", 2010-11 / Arturo Vega, acrylic on canvas 96" x 70", 2010 / Kurt Thometz, acrylic on Canvas 96" x 70", 2011

* 2007 interview with Curt Hoppe

A recent interview with Curt Hoppe:

all paintings and images were used with the express permission of the artist, please do not reproduce - but feel free to share the link!

Curt Hoppe
98 Bowery 4th Fl.
New York, NY 10013

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