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Like Moths To A Flame. Butterfly Lamps by Ingo Maurer with Insects by Graham Owen.

At the 2011 Euroluce show, Ingo Maurer, known for his wild lighting designs, unveiled two fabulous hanging lamps. One for mass-production, the other in a limited production. The Johnny B. Butterfly and the J.B. Schmetterling (Schmetterling is German for butterfly) lamps feature realistic butterflies, moths, and dragonflies that created by California artist Graham Owen.

above: Ingo Maurer in his Los Angeles studio working on the lamps

The Johnny B. Butterfly
The Johnny B. Butterfly version is made with a bulb that has a Teflon band on which two handmade butterflies and one dragonfly are perched. The lamp is fitted with a 105 watt bulb is made especially for Ingo Maurer GmbH and belongs to energy efficiency class C, which conforms to EU guidelines.

The Johnny B. Butterfly lamp will be mass-produced and was expected to be available for purchase by Autumn 2011 but is still not on the market. No known price as of yet.

above: the butterfly lamps featured with artwork by Graham Owen

The J.B. Schmetterling Lamp
The J.B. Schmetterling is a limited production and features more insects:

Ingo Maurers' butterfly lamps were shown in a Milan exhibition at Spazio Krizia in April, 2011:

images courtesy of Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen Gallery

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