Transform a Room Into a Hideout with Hand-Painted Wooden Camo Blinds.

Functional and fun for your Man Cave, a kid's room or office, Army Blinds of the UK hand-paints wooden venetian blinds in your choice of three camouflage patterns - or bespoke colourways - using Dulux Trade paints. The blinds are available in a variety of sizes.

Beige/cream/brown (Caramel Blush 6/Caramel Blush 2/Bitter Chocolate 2):

Dark Pink/light pink/very light pink (Flamingo Fun 1/Flamingo Fun 3/Flamingo Fun 6):

Green/pale green/brown/black (Woodland Fern 2/Celtic Forest 2/Bitter Chocolate 2/Night Jewels 1):

You can also customize them further by choosing your own three colours from a 'Dulux' colour chart or browse the colour palette here

Army Blinds


Anonymous said...

The ordering process, size, colours etc was a doddole & when the blind arrived some ten days later I was delighted with the quality & over all finish. Fitting it too was straight forward with the minimum of basic tools required. A truly bespoke product at a great price!

Ellen said...

I bought one of these army blinds for my sons bedroom and it looks fantastic - really well made and a great talking point. Such a good idea, all his friends now want army bedrooms!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.