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From Flat To Flux. A Modern Folding Chair.

It's hard to find a lot of nice options in modern design when it comes to folding chairs. Enter the Flux Chair, a stylish foldable design lounger made of polypropylene. As a matter of fact, the Flux was awarded the UK's Grand Designs Product of the Year Award in 2011.

The Flux Chair transforms from a flat package with a built-in handle into a modern looking chair and back again in minutes. Available in eight different colors, the chair has seating pads especially designed for it available in four colors making varied combinations and looks possible.

The chair looks stylish, is durable, easy to clean and care for and is at home indoors or out.

Wanna see how many Flux chairs fit into a MINI Countryman? Check this out:

A short history of flexible design :
Over the course of history, from the age of the Egyptians up to that of Napoleon, a folding chair has always been seen as an object of status and beauty. In recent times this focus has shifted. This is a pity; especially in today’s world the concept of folding has so much to offer!

above: Flux founder Douwe Jacobs and industrial designer Tom Schouten

"A folding chair not only saves valuable floor space and makes moving a breeze, more importantly it allows you to sit down wherever you like. The beach, the park, you name it! Add to that the fact that it’s easy to send by mail, and thus drastically reducing CO2 emissions when transported efficiently in bulk, and you can see why in a modern world foldable furniture is as relevant as it ever was.

Keeping this in mind and being inspired by folded paper sculptures, I folded a tiny, elegant, paper scale model of a chair. Even though it was just a simple cut-out from a single sheet of paper, it was surprisingly strong. And even better: it didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before!

Early 2009, I and fellow industrial designer Tom Schouten founded our company. We called it Flux, referring to change and the words flexible and luxury. Since then, we have put all our energy into turning this small paper model into our first fully-fledged flexible design: the Flux Chair.

Our goal is to create a new generation of furniture and associated living items; so stay tuned for more flexible designs from Flux!" -- Douwe Jacobs, Founder/Inventor of Flux

Material: polypropylene
Dimensions: Centimeters: 64 x 62 x 85. Inches: 25.2 x 24.4 x 33.5 envelop: LWH cm: 1,5 x 85 x 77. Inches: 0.6 x 33.5 x 30.3

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• or here (white only with anthracite cushion)

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