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Pennwick Adds A Sexy Italian Sport Car To Their Luxury & Custom Golf Carts.

For some people, a plain ol' golf cart just won't do. For those, there's Pennwick Golf carts. Built on actual club car chassis, their custom luxury carts have exotic sculpted fiberglass bodies in the shape of various high end automobiles, retro style cars and most recently, an Italian sports car.

above: Pennwick's newest addition to their line of luxury and custom golf carts

Loaded with standard features like headlights, tail lights, turn signals, side mirrors, electric horns, a 48 volt charging system and battery charge and hour meters, the cars reach a speed of 20 mph and can be customized to include such options as a 6-Passenger Upgrade, 15" Rims, a hard top, gas-powered chassis, leather seats, chrome tilt steering column, stereo package and a golf bag holder.

Their newest model is a fiery red sports car that resembles a Ferrari Enzo:

Other models include The Brooklyn, with a base price of $16500:

The Smoothster - with its retro styling and jump seat, has a base price of $15500:

The Shadow, a nod to the stately Rolls Royce, has a base price of $16900:

The '56, with a signature grill, perfectly shaped fenders and real cherry wood bed floor, has a base price of $16500:

They will also create custom utility carts of all types for you.

About Pennwick:
Father and Son, John Southwick & John Pennington have been in the business of building the finest Luxury Golf Carts for over 6 years. Pennwick, LLC was established in March of 2009. Together they created Pennwick with the idea that they would continue with the same quality and workmanship as they had in years past, but with a greater determination to continually improve their product while bringing the latest in luxury design.

They provide the largest selection of custom golf carts, estate vehicles and electric carts in the world, with a commitment to quality and a determination to produce the most luxurious. Ideal for golf courses, private homes and estates, retirement communities, hotels and resorts, their carts are perfect for all occasions.

Their luxury carts and electric vehicles are built on Club Car Chassis with quality fiberglass bodies, OEM paint, marine grade upholstery, working headlights, tail lights, turn signals and hazards.

Pennwick, LLC
457 W 410 S 
Springville, Utah 84663 

To learn more and to purchase, visit Pennwick.

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