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A Macabre Mouthful. Beautiful Silver Skull Spoons By Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo.

Combining the imagery of death with an instrument used to nourish is an artistic juxtaposition found in the hand-crafted spoons by Dallas artist Pinky Diablo, aka Tom Sale. He has taken vintage silverplate and sterling silver spoons of various sizes and creatively turned them into Skull Spoons, or Skoons, if you will.

The original and individual skulls spoons vary in size, texture and some even have engraved words on the back. Some have a twist in the handle, some are teaspoons, others are serving spoons. And in addition to the human skulls, Tom has created cow and cattle skull spoons as well. Each has what appears to be either a bullet hole or a gash in the heads of the skulls (undoubtedly the cause of death).

Now, I wouldn't attempt to eat peas with these suckers, but you can display them in a shadow box, on a table or simply suspend them from a string like the artist has exhibited them:

If you'd like a spoonful of spookiness, the individual pieces of flatware, which are only $45 a piece, can be ordered directly from the artist via e-mail. He will choose the skull spoon for you. I can't wait to see what he sends me!

all images in this post are courtesy of artist Tom Sale

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