Hey You, Get Into My Cloud. Le Nuage, A Cloud Shaped Pod That Sleeps Seven.

THE CLOUD / An Urban Refuge
Available for nightly bookings from June 20 to October 31, 2011

Le Bruit de Frigo and Zébra3/Buy-sellf designed and created Le Nuage (the Cloud) a playful piece of micro-architecture that sleeps up to 7 people. Crafted of wood and plexiglass with built-in loft bunk beds, the cloud-shaped pod is an installation that was produced as part of the first edition of last October's la biennale d'art en parcs urbains panOramas 2010.

Copyright All rights reserved by J'aime la Rive Droite

More exterior images:

Copyright All rights reserved by J'aime la Rive Droite

A special thanks to J'aime la Rive Droite for her additional flickr photos from la Biennale Pan0ramas 2010

Tourist Office, Lormont
Tel: 05 56 74 29 17
hours: 1:30 p.m. Monday / Tuesday 17h / Wednesday / Thursday: 9 am Friday / 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. / 17h Saturday 9 / 24:30

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Vita said...

Mignon Maison)
Quel matériel a été utilisé dans la construction de cette maison?

Alyssa S said...

I'm always a little confused by these homes, but they always look awesome. Are they primarily vacation homes? There's never any furnishings. Or are they on the market? Interesting cloud shape! Love pics of homes like this one.


Laura Sweet said...

Wood and plexiglass.

Laura Sweet said...

Alyssa S,
They vary depending upon the project and the intent of the architect. Some are for purchase, some are part of art installations.
This particular pod home is available to rent for a single night and therefore does not much need for furniture (the beds are built in).

Several of the other post I've written on office and sleeping pods have built in furnishings.

Just search "modern architecture" or "office pod" or "sleeping pod" in my search box and you'll see what I mean.

Equine Medication said...

I haven’t seen this architectural home made up of woods. Thank you for sharing this creative idea.

Steuben said...

Who wouldn't like to sleep on (or rather, inside) a cloud? Thanks for sharing!

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