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7 Ice Cream Popsicles In Famous Forms & Fabulous Flavors By Russian Ad Agency Stoyn.

Russian ad agency Stoyn participated in a tasty project for Faces & Laces, as annual Moscow art and music show profiling brands from around the world. The agency created 7 different flavored popsicles made with Dolce Bacio ice cream molded into the shapes of well-known characters from Star Wars, Disney and other figures. Made in various natural flavors and colors, the likenesses are wonderfully rendered and detailed with the help of 3D modelers and sculptors:

Darth Vader:

Marilyn Monroe:

Che Guevara:

Vladimir Mayakovsky:

Graffiti Spray Can:

Mario of Mario Bros:

Mickey Mouse:

Donald Duck:

The posters for Faces & Laces:

Images from Faces & Laces:

And some fun product shots by photographer Alexey Kiselev:

all images courtesy of Stoyn

Creative Director — Sergey Starostin;
Producer and PR — Galima Akhmadulina;
Art Director and Designer — Victoria Mamikonova;
3D Modeling — Arthur Magomedov, Bogdan Ivonenko, Planeteater;
Sculptor — Michael Efimenko;
Ice cream maker and ingredients — DOLCE BACIO

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